What is the difference between exercise and non-exercise?

The famous educator Cai Yuanpei once said: "People's sound, not only relying on diet, especially on exercise."

Sports and non-exercise children are not only the difference between physical health and limb sensitivity, but also to maximize the brain, you never know how big is the benefits of sports.

Young children lack the harm of sports

1. For young children, there are now many people like to sit and watch mobile phones, TV, computers, etc. They are sitting for a long time, organs and muscles do not have effective exercise for a long time, with the body shape, low exercise ability. Even impaired intelligence.

2, the action is the brick tile of the intellectual building, the body's body movement and physical development is the cornerstone of its growth.

3, the current opportunity of the current child outdoors, the child rarely gets the five senses feeling and the feeling of the muscles will cause the child to coordinate the ability to develop slow and feel abnormal.

4. The lack of sports will lead to decline in physical fitness.

Exportation to children

1, overcome excessive feelings, enhance self-confidence

Infine is because of doubting their own ability and value, I feel that I am not as negative as someone else. There is a little inferior psychology is not completely harmful, it can make people struggle up, beyond inferiority. And excessive inferiority is a psychological disorder. Children often participate in physical exercise, under the guidance of teachers, they will re-recognize themselves. When physical exercise, in this project, you can't do it.

2, relieve stress, fill psychological shortcomings

The child's learning burden is heavy, the mental stress is high, the life is not suitable, and the communication is contradictory. Children often participate in physical exercise, you can temporarily forget the unhappy in your heart, so that bad emotions get relaxation, venting, rich campus physical exercise during exercise, and feel comfortable, spiritual and exciting, life is enriched, so that they emotions Health.

3, can help children develop adhered to habits

Parents play the skills learned in a game or in the game when they train them, and to the children to complete how much they can do when their children persisted unremitting efforts. Through this method, it is possible to help the children develop good quality.

4, sports can help children keep your body health

In the present society, due to the continuous improvement of living standards, the ratio of children's obesity is getting bigger and bigger, which gives a lot of parents to a certain extent cause pressure. Sports are well known to the body, so when parents find their children, or when there is obese trend, maybe many parents will ask their children to conduct some sports, thus helping children We maintain a good, healthy body.

Sports and non-exercise children, not only the gap in the body

1. Sports, let your child's focus better

In daily, when we learn from work, we often have a way of thinking, this is a walk, look at the scenery, move the neck, and return to the intense work learning, there will be sudden feelings. This phenomenon is actually a physiological phenomenon after exercise.

2. Long-term sports children, smarter

Motion can enhance physical resistance and reaction, become alert. The more children's exercise, the more obvious the body's stimulation and protection, the greater the changes in the brain structure of the child, and it will become smarter.

3. Movement can promote children's appetite

The improvement of living standards, the diversity of diet, makes many children picks food, bismuth, and other bad eating habits. Motion can increase energy consumption in the body, and can also increase the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby promoting the child's appetite, reasonable diet is the material foundation of body bones and muscle growth.

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