Tianjin Mountain Sports Conference

This newspaper (Reporter Xie Chen) "Sports Cup" Tianjin "I want to go to the full port" first community sports meeting and the 8th Civic Games, the 11th Mountain Sports Conference, the first Beijing-Tianjin Yishan Wild Sports Conference Citizen Orientation RecentlyLaunched in the Junzhou International Ski Resort.This event was sponsored by the Municipal Sports Bureau, Tianjin Sports Competition and Social Sports Affairs Center, Tianjin Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association and other relevant units, organized, and more than 200 people participated in the launching ceremony and competition activities.

The 5-kilometer mountaineering activity on the day of the event was 130 meters, and one-third of the three sections were the mountain, the road conditions were relatively complicated.To this end, the organizers organized the Qianzhuri rescue team players in each point to provide security.

The main activity of this year's mountain conference is accumulated by the Terrace, the Beijing-Tianjin Yishan Wild Sports Conference launched, the Shanye Sports Leisure, the Beijing-Tianjin Sports Leisure Industry Symposium Development Strategy Seminar, Sports Help Village Economic Revitalization Seminar, etc.Five major parts consist.

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