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With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, the ice and snow movement became a highly respected. With scientific and technological progress, more and more ice and snow sports places have developed hardware foundation for the civil popularity of ice and snow, and more and more participants. Of course, more people are attracted to the charm of the ice and snow sports, and they have added the ice and snow sports team. With the strong popularization of the knowledge of ice and snow, the mysterious ice and snow movement is no longer unable to be, but more people.

When we pick up the camera, prepare for the ice and snow movement of the life that is getting closer and closer to the shutter, or what matters should be paid, or what kind of aspects will be made wonderful record and performance?

Snow sports, expensive in ice, of course, to highlight the ice and snow feature of sports. Therefore, when shooting, pay attention to the portrait of the ice and ice environment. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, pay attention to the processing of the environment in which the subject is located, through the viewing of the character, rendering the atmosphere, enhance the true feelings and vividness of the ice and snow movement. In addition, because of the strong reflectivity of the ice and snow, a higher requirement is proposed to the exposure of the picture. When setting the shooting parameters, it is necessary to pay attention to the compensation processing of exposure.

Ice and snow movement, focus on exercise. Sports are the focus of shooting, while the subjects often have more distinctive dynamics, so you need to have accurate and wonderful performance on these motions. First, you need to know about the project, it is best to have a pre-proliferation ability for climax movements, thereby stabilizing, accurate, and capturing a decisive moment. Ice and snow movement often has individuals and collectives, especially collective movements, in addition to paying attention to climax, pay attention to the composition processing of other dynamic elements, doing different, elastic, and chaos, in order There is a law.

Ice and snow movement, strong in detail. Regardless of the unique environment and apparel of the character, or sports appliances, or vivid expressions, postures, etc., all have a considerable value. On the portrait of the detail, it is necessary to find a vivid form in the scene to create a vivid form, highlight the visual center, and use appropriate performance techniques, such as the mild comparison of the use of suitable manifestations. Due to comparison, color contrast and other contrast methods, as well as color tone, bathtub, etc. to create an atmosphere of rendering techniques, etc. Under the wonderful form, only vivid details are supported to truly improve the performance of the image.

Alpine ski section Xiu Lan photo

Comments: Under the side, the ice and snow surface presents vivid bright and dark structure, the author composition is ingenious, showing simple and contrast "points" and "face". The bright ice and snow ground provides a simple background, making the characters wearing red ski clothes look more prominent, and distinguishes their respective modes and arrangements, in the vivid form of "S"-shaped structure, show Elegance and wonderful in the mountain ski.

Ice Dragon Boat Zhang Lihu

Comments: The background and prospects of passive imaginative and prospects have a distinctive and virtual comparative effect of the dragon boat in the advancement, and the strong dynamic atmosphere and the nervous game are vivid. The dragon boat has highlighted, the characters are vivid, and the whole picture is rich tension.

Winter practice Zhao Jinhua photo

Comments: Wide Picture Picture Vivid The Space Environment of the Ice Block and uses the image of the Icefield to increase the form of the picture, and the character embelles it, the rhythm, the elegant and fun of this ice. The ice rink is complement to the natural landscape on the shore and increases.

Ice exercise from the small grabbed Jiang Litian photo

Comments: A few children who learn skating are rolled out, and there is a model of skating action to show their serious and hard work, and the coach follows, and looks at the students and highlights the theme. The environmental income lens on the shore shows the penetration of ice exercise.

Snow dance Liu Yuyang photo

Comments: Low angle looks at the shooting, solidifying the skier in the air, drawing out their wonderful action form, blue sky background not only puts the characters, but also adds the wonderful and charm of the ski sports.

Ice Cooperation Wang Wei photo

Comments: The vertical composition is a far-reaching sense of space and rich level, and the side benefits from the author's wonderful arrangement for each element, and on the other hand, the main relationship is also shown, "Ice" "The theme effect is sufficient.

Wings in the slide, Hongbang photo

Comments: The high-speed shutter clearly solidifies the scene of the athlete, you chase the game scene, put the fierce competitive atmosphere of the scene through the players, and in the elastic structure arrangement, make the visual vividness of the picture Enhanced.

Break through Jiang Runliang photo

Comments: Reflecting the author's exciting control and processing. Regardless of the trapping of character dynamic details, or storytelings, as well as the formal arrangements of composition and surrounding white treatment, make the picture full of attractiveness, and express the theme means.

Learn Skating Sun Lu Rong

Comments: From the high-altitude dog, use the floor of the rink as the background, simple picture, highlight the characters, reach vivid effects, a big two small characters are wonderful, convey a certain story, give the viewer imagination.

Through the Glacial Song Aihua

Comments: The main body of the screen - the water in the ice and splashing water, conveyed the thrill of this movement with a wonderful moderate, and the viewers in the background form a distinctive lining effect on the main situation, further increase The atmosphere of the scene. Feiyang ice rod Zhu Qi Ming

Comments: Group Ice Dance is changing with gesture and team, there are many wonderful moments to capture, as shown in this photo, players in the same shape, cross-slide, not only in form, not only in form, but in shape It is also full of visibility and fun.

Winter swimming 英 张 Zhang Dejun

Comments: The author has made a wonderful capture of the winter swimmer, and the body stretched under the sun is illuminated, and the refreshing, the reflection of the reflection of the water, adding the picture of the picture, and The rendering of the ice and ice environment is added to the realism of the screen.

Ski Guo Xinhua Photo

Comments: Wonderful instant capture shows skiers vivid moderate in the air, showing skiing and stimulus showing no legacy, and a simple background environment highlights the character morphology, and proper bloating effect increases the dynamic atmosphere, and puts the characters more charming.

Ice, I wish you a photo

Comments: Focus on the stage light on the characters, not only brightens the characters, not only showing vivid stereo effects, portraying the wonderful moments of ice dance, but also manufacturing multi-projection, like blooming petals, full of forms The visual interests.

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