Smart sports healthier different age sports plan to choose

Scientific exercise should run through people's life. Different life stages, sports will bring different benefits.

"It is worth reminding that the middle-aged people should most strengthen the people of scientific movements." Hou Xiaodong, deputy director of the orthopedics of the medical examination center of the People's Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that many people were tested by "three highs" and tumor indicators. High situation, the body's aging process has exceeded the actual age. Hou Xiaodong said that by establishing a scientific life, sports habits, various health risks can be greatly reduced.

What is different from different ages, what is different from sports and scientific movement? The following detailed analysis.

Adolescence (12-18 years old)

Sports focus: promoting balance, motion coordination ability, promoting normal development of muscles

Sports program: diversified, establish a sports habits

At this time, it is a stage of bones, muscles, and intellectual development. It is necessary to let the adolescents contact diversified movements, cultivate a two sports hobbies to form a lifelong benefit. It is also conducive to adolescence after higher strength resistance training, increase muscle strength and muscle stay. However, Hou Xiaodong reminded that if it is not professional training, do not premature excessive expenses such as marathon to challenge the exercise of the body limit, so as not to spread the seedlings.

Youth Struggle (18-35 years)

Sports focus: promote cardiopulmonary function, increase muscle endurance and explosive force, maintain joint flexibility

Sports program: Increase exercise intensity, strengthen strength training, more group movement

This period is an important struggle stage in life. Many young people may not maintain a timed movement every day, can be changed to two or three times a week. Sports hobbies in adolescents, enhance technopes and related training. This can improve the sports competitive level, which will promote mental health while benefiting. For example, people who like long-distance run will increase core training, ontology feel training, and like the ball movement will increase strength exercises and coordinate functional training.

Due to the increase in the working pressure, there can be more group movements, such as basketball, football, badminton, etc., and exercise physical fitness, can also enhance teamwork ability and self-confidence, soothing mental stress.

However, we must fully warm up before strenuous exercise, avoid injuries of muscles, tendons and joints in motion.

Chinese youth (35-50 years)

Sports focus: prevent obesity, maintain healthy body fat ratios and muscles, maintain cardiopulmonary function

Sports program: Time, multiple sports, reduce high intensity exercise

This age layer works great pressure, through adherence to healthy lifestyle and scientific movement, preventing the heart type obesity, improving sleep, relieving stress, promoting metabolism, reducing various slow disease.

This age stage is mainly the maintenance of exercise habits, suggests time period, multiple movements, reducing high-strength aerobic exercise, increases soothing aerobic exercise. There is no obvious fatigue in the second day, and the exercise is excessive. At the time of exercise, the heart rate can be monitored simultaneously, reaching the target heart rate intensity, rather than the pursuit of high intensity, or no intensity exercise.

In motion mode, targeted core muscle training can be selected; reduce the fat deposition of the torso, maintain the muscles of the limbs. Pay attention to avoid excessive wear of the joints during exercise.

Middle-age (50-65 years old)

Sports focus: emphasize sports safety, prevent muscle shrinking, pay attention to protective joints

Motion plan: Reduce the anti-action movement, can enhance the sensitivity of small joints

After spending the "Autumn" of the family work, this stage is more understanding of his body. At this time, the exercise should last, safe, reducing confrontation, avoiding the pain and motion interruption caused by injuries. Tai Chi, eight paragraph chains are more soothing aerobics, which helps to improve joint activities; table tennis, billiards, golf, etc., can also increase the coordination, sensitivity.

Elderly (over 65 years old)

Sports focus: prevent degeneration

Sports program: interest is the main, physical strength, single or small group sports

This age is very concerned about itself. At this time, with your wife or friends, the two or small group sports is the most suitable, which can also supervise each other, and safe photo protection. In the limits of physical strength, it is mainly interested, delight.

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