Ice and snow sports "new style"

With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the enthusiasm of the people of the Shanghai Snow Skin is also hot. Today, Shanghai Ice Snowports has spread all over the city, and it is not difficult to play with skiing on the door. Today's "Ice Snow Qiyuan" special program, let's follow the news Knews reporters to experience the hottest ice and snow fashion this winter.

Wear snow shoes, pick up the steak, stepping on the ski simulator, you don't have to go to the north, you can open a ski journey.

This dry snowfield is predecessor is Baosteel Old Plant, 2015 gorgeous turns, and now it has become a full skier. Many children take advantage of the winter holiday, soak in the snowflakes, enjoy skiing.

"I feel that snowpers and true snow don't have a great difference, they are very comfortable."

"Maybe this is the event we close to the Winter Olympics. This time he said, he said that he will continue to learn from the next summer."

The rise of the Southern Snow and Snow Movement, many benefits from the blessing of technology. For example, it is called a magic carpet to simulate the ski machine, not subject to region, season, weather conditions, training for an hour, is equivalent to the training volume in the northern snow field. Nowadays, there are 43 indoor ski resorts in Shanghai, so that Shanghai citizens have a good place to participate in ice and snow.

Hu Tianyu, general manager of Shanghai Xueyi Sports Development Co., Ltd., clearly found that more than half of the two years of consumers can wear snow shoes without the guidance or help of the staff.

The snow slope on the side, the three-layer composites can be used to achieve a similarity of 90% of true snow. The surface of the snow slope is similar to a brush, and the skiing passes the snowboard card into the snow, which can be easily turned.

In addition to skiing, skating enthusiasts, there are more and more.

On the other side of the ice rink, you can watch the beauty of the Pujiang, the winter is romantic, but this is. This winter, Shanghai has a total of 9 seasonal outdoor ice rows in Shanghai. Top time periods often "a footwear is hard to find".

Outdoor Ice Square Scene General Control Ji Feifei tells the news Knews reporter, the ice rink is hot, and it is often a very compact rhythm of another person.

The popular ice and snow project is hot, and the small sports does not lack the market. Three years ago, Harbin Xu Fang decided to invest in the ice tochhouse in Shanghai. As a niche of ice and snow, the curling is also very high, the professional curmes are 10 meters long, 2 meters wide, ice Must be pure and innocent.

Xu Fang, the head of zero carbon curling homology, Xu Fang introduced: "Be sure to use pure water, this pure water or even the water drunk by our employee is this water. In accordance with our professional ice division, a hair is not available. This one 600 square meters of curling museum down (cost) 200 to 3 million. "

In the past two and a half years, more and more people have begun to have interest in this ice and snow. Professional venues provide a study venue for the children, and has become an emerging appointment that many companies build and friends.

The ice rink and snow field at home, becoming a lot of Shanghai citizens to participate in the knocking bricks in the ice and snow. In the past few years, Shanghai citizens participated in the Ice and Snow and Sports, from 2017 more than 60 million, reached 2.8 million in 2021.

Yan Jiandong, president of the Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Association, introduced: "Shanghai City This city, the citizens are close to the ice and snow, he is not very difficult. As long as the relevant policies promote the promotion of the relevant policies, the construction of hardware facilities can be further developed, and the Shanghai is indeed In the middle of the people, they have a warm enthusiasm for further development of ice and snow. "

Lack of ice and snow, in this winter, the whirlwind of the ice and snow moved this year, and as the Winter Olympics is in full swing, Shanghai's ice and snow movement will also usher in a fast-growing window period.

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