Sports metabolic map reveals the best way to exercise

Exercise will have a lot of benefits. Motion can activate many signal pathways, release a variety of signals, so that our body is stronger, and the mind is clearer.

But when is the most appropriate? Morning? noon? Still at night? Recently, some scientists connect sports together with day and night rhythm and explore when the most scientific movement. Related research Published in "Cell Metabolism", the article title is: "Atlas of Exercise Metabolism Reveals Time-Dependent Signatures of Metabolic HomeOstasis".

In order to understand how the organization reacts independently and concentrated on the timing motion, the researchers adopt system biological methods, using mice as a model organism, exploring its different promotion of health signals in different times after exercise. These signal molecules coverage are widely covered, including sleep, memory, energy metabolism, endurance.

Related researchers have drawn and compare seven different mice tissues and serums for an overall metabolites after acute motion at different times. Comparative analysis of the dynamics of metabolites within the tissue and organized tissue, including time profiles and blood sampling of the liver and hind limbs, revealing local and system metabolic reactions in a day. Simply speaking, it is during the day and night movement.

The researchers found that mice at night were more likely to cause systemic metabolism. Therefore, the sunrise is reasonable, try to exercise at the time of activity (generally during the day), and take a rest in the middle of the night!

This comprehensive motion metabolic spectrum provides a clear and physiological background of the production and distribution of the typical and new time-dependent motion metabolites, such as 2-hydroxybutyric acid (2-HB), and reveals the movement to the metabolism to promote health. the benefits of.

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