Drive mountain resources enjoy ice and snow sports

Drive mountain resources enjoy ice and snow movement (New Year's grassroots)

Winter Jinshanling, a snowy road is inlaid as a ribbon in the mountains. Many skiers are in a ski suit, flying from the snow, splashing snow.

The Jinshanling Ski Society is located in Yingping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. The main peak of the mountains is 1750 meters above sea level, with a maximum drop of 600 meters. In the lack of laminated land, the remote traverse is now one of the largest ski resorts in the Beijing, up to 12,000 people can be skiing.

At present, the snowfield has opened 2 and the magic carpet of 2 and the magic carpet, and more than 50 ski coaches are equipped.

"The primary road here is very long, there is enough distance to let me practice, try the wrong, I am not afraid of falling." Taking a winter holiday, 8 years old Wang Hao came to the snowfield to learn ski skills.

Professional ski enthusiasts Zhao Donghui more concerned about the "middle high-grade road" of the unopened, "Ski is the exercise of brave people, there is a challenge to be attractive. Here is high, the number of snow roads is more and full, you can attract enthusiasts to come to experience."

Zhao Donghui worked in Beijing in Beijing. Today, hometown also has a ski resort, which makes him very excited. "This year, Beijing Winter Olympics, also brings opportunities to the surrounding snowfields. The old snowstick is close to Beijing, close to the high-speed export. During this time, many friends in Beijing contact me, just waiting for the middle and high-level roads. Experience. "

"It is expected that there are 12 snowways in the first phase of the Spring Festival, including medium and high-grade snow roads, snow covers by 370,000 square meters." Jia Yan, head of Hebei Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., said, Jia Yanfei, said, to actively respond to ice and snow Inspirational policies, Jinshanling Ski Resorts also issued 2100 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Key Travel Agency coupons, so that the masses enjoys snow sports and helping Winter Olympics.

"Jinshanling Ski Field is lived in the" Chongshan Gaming "resource, not only attracts ski enthusiasts around the world, but also facilitates local masses to experience skiing, participate in ice and snow movement." Said Masham, Masters, Mun Ping County.

A few days ago, the Snow and Snow Public Welfare Classroom in Yuping County walked into the first primary school in Luanping County, the ski coach in Jinshanling Ski Resort for students to popularize the knowledge of ice and snow movement. The children listen carefully, actively learn, revealing the strong interest in the ice and snow, and also tried the ski equipment. It is reported that the Jinshanling Ski Resort and the Local Ice Sliding Association will also organize thousands of students in the county to walk into the ski resort, experience skiing, and promote ice and snow movement into the campus.

In recent years, Linping County has conducted in-depth development of the people's ice and snow, holding the "ice and snow caravan", rural ice and snow sports meeting, speed skating, land curling pot, etc. , Community, corporate stores, shopping malls, schools, etc. open ice and snow sports experience zones. 2021 to 2022 snow season, more than 30,000 people were involved in the snow sports.

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