BMW1 Series Sports Car 丨 Sports Talent can be described as proud



Maximum highlight

No doubt

The M motion in the M motion of the upper body.

As a visual impact force

The original appearance set of the top peak,

M sports galaxy

First extended to a compact platform model,

This is undoubtedly a young man.

The distance from the BMW M extreme sports spirit.



With an unusually cold black as the pen,

Rendering BMW M Sports Aesthetics to the extreme.

BMW 1 Series M Sports World Set,

Highlight sports very color with a sharp detail,

Smart swims to sway the stuff,

It will become the perfect expression of the young people's personality declaration.

The beauty of the night, the tide cool declaration

In the interior section, including the window control buttons, the engine start and stop button, the motor startup button, and the upgrade metal glossy effect, to the higher models; in addition, the central air-conditioned air outlets use black high-light decoration, and the texture is significantly improved.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the BMW 125i M moves the night version of the first mock-to-use picking lava red integrated M sports seat, not only provides more excellent wrapping and support, but also create a very enthusiastic driving atmosphere, 湃Driving fun is on the verge.

BMW 1 Series Sports Car Standard 8.8-inch HD Touch Display, with the sixth generation IDRIVE human-computer interactive system, the operation interface is simple and easy to use, bringing a high-efficiency digital interconnection experience.

The standard wireless Apple Carplay function is standard, which not only enables the trouble of the messy cable, but also projected the screen immediately, which greatly enhances driving convenience and safety.

In addition, considering the use of non-iOS users, the new car specially added Baidu Carlife function as a whole standard.

Through the procedure, Android users can freely connect mobile phone and car, get Baidu navigation, Baidu music and other third-party entertainment procedures, small voice assistant services, or parking lot, gas station, illegal record or restaurant information inquiry and other rich information functions.

Driving fun is not letting, you will be blood


BMW 1 Series Sports Car


Compact the sports benchmark in the luxury car market,

Enough driving

Perfectly brought the heart of the young generation. Innovation · Trust · Success

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