Hand movement 21 method

Live finger (single hand or both hands flexing, adjusting the body meridians, especially if the mouse hand can be effectively prevented)

Hold the box (double punch, put the whole body blood, Lang Yang is reduced, adjusting the back of the back)

Turn your wrist (the palm is relatively turned around the wrist, the adjustment gas is lifted, the blood pressure is turned down, and the blood pressure is reversed)

Cluster (left and right)

Punch your palm (in the time you don't affect others, you can have a strong vibration and dredging systemic meridians)

Anti-pulse (ten fingers crossing outward, and holding a boxing in the opposite, this is the anti-pull yin "

Twist the buckle (ten fingers twisted, active full body blood, regulate systemic diseases)

Touch the belly (ten fingers, knocking, prevention, dizziness, headache, cerebral infarction, brain tumor, dementia)

Ten fingertips (ten refers to the same, one is closed, the intelligence is awake, the same is the same as above)

Touching the stream (both palm little finger side, the stream area is touched, for the, take - often drink the stream, moisten the cervical position)

Touch the roots (palm roots and then add, light weight, living all male and women's diseases)

Shoot back (left and right for hand to clap the back, dredger the whole body meridian, like a back hit wall, because the back is the back)

心 (right fist left hand, vice versa, the effect is like shooting belly, because the palm is a chest and abdomen)

Buckle mouth (tiger mouth, enhance the lung and large intestine function, especially to prevent cough, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.)

Chair suction (palm to grasp a sucking, sound, can quickly suck and exclude the disease of the five internal organs)

Double shake (single hands can be done, natural shake, will experience "glove" wrapped in "gas"))

Yanfeng Hand (on the side of the arms, the hands quickly up and down, like the geese flying, good intuitive, volatility)

Lotus hand (palm roots is relatively, left and right flips like lotus, cloud hand, very good, not practicing, to guide)

Dancers (hands knock on the table, there is a pleasant beat, adjust the whole body, is the most beautiful hand dance)

Pain points (found pain points, moderate pinch, especially five fingers representing heart and spleen lungs)

Take the palm (both hands in the palm of the palm, put the belly, drink, drink, bed, total body)

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