Sports neuron disease keeps the mentality

"Nei Jing" talk, righteousness deposit, evil can not do, righteousness, is a good attitude, is one of the blood, is the basis for the existence of life. Week restore normal flow of righteousness, it is the ultimate purpose of treating disease and restore health. Lack of righteousness, keep the evil, good and evil pay dispute, revealed in the body, is the disease. Treatment is righting evil. Many people in the illness, a bad mood, but also for the treatment of melancholy, in this case, unless the patient is better to adjust their status, otherwise, no matter what the pills will not be much change.

You can try the following methods to regulate anxiety:

A. Exercise. Exercise may be the most natural anti-disciplined recipe we have.

II. Take a deep breath. Control breathing can reduce anxiety. For example, take a deep breath, exhaled slowly, you can get instant relaxation.

III. Into a group. Many friends, neighbors and family members to contact: participate in the activities of various community organizations and the workplace.

IV. And family meals.

V. Make your life organized. Many everyday anxiety are related to chaotic life.

VI. Do something you enjoy doing.

VII. Refused to negative news.

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