Open the new era of ice and snow sports

Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open. The world is looking forward to China, China is ready. As early as the bid, China will drive 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement as the biggest purpose of Olympics. After unremitting efforts, this vision has been successfully achieved.

We re-met "Ice and Snow" in more than 6 years in the preparation of the Winter Olympics. The ice and snow movement from "No Banyan Customs" to "South Distance to the West", with an unprecedented speed, ignite people's enthusiasm. "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Economic Heritage Report Set (2022)", a series of digital showing the development transcripts: ice and snow venue has increased rapidly, and in early 2021, there are 654 standard ice rows in the country. It has increased by 317% from 2015. There are already 803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts, which have increased by 41% from 2015. Beijing World Women's Curling Championships, single-board skiing big jumps to the World Cup, and international events such as World Flower Skating Grand Prix have settled in China. 2020 - 2021 Snow Ice and Snow Tourism is 230 million, ice and snow tourism income is 390 billion yuan ...

Ignite the enthusiasm of ice and snow, is not limited to the Winter Olympics itself. More than 300 million people participate in ice and snow sports, and provide huge market and development opportunities in China's ice and snow sports industry. All localities take the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to promote the ice and snow projects, drive the transformation and upgrading to promote snow consumption. As more and more people walk on the ice rink, "cold ice" becomes "hot sports", vivid interpretation of "Ice Snow is also Jinshan Yinshan".

As scheduled, the ice and snow, let us witness the legend of Wintero. As the President of the International Olympic Committee said that China has achieved more than 300 million people to engage in ice and snow movements. This is the great achievements that have never been seen before, and will become the majority of this Winter Olympics to the Chinese people and international Olympic. Contribution, will also open a new era of global ice and snow sports. (Source: Economic Daily Author: Li Wanxiang)

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