Exercise increases energy consumption, which is beneficial to weight loss exercise

Life is in motion and nutrition. Today, the idea of ​​exercise and reasonable nutrition is increasingly being recognized and respected by the public, that is to say, in addition to maintaining a reasonable diet, you should take a certain time every day to exercise. However, the tight life rhythm, the challenging work environment, the lack of sports venues have made us rarely participate in exercise. We must change the concept of traditional: keep your health does not mean that you have to spend hours in the gym; exercise does not only wear sportswear, bringing sports equipment into the cumbersome process of sports venues; sports is no longer fever, sweat The dripping energy consumption process.

The right amount of exercise and reasonable nutrition is an important part of advocating a healthy lifestyle. Sports fitness should not be a luxury of a few people, but should be integrated into our lives. As sports scientists advocated: "Everyone should take a walk in puppies every day - even if they don't have a dog at all." The understanding of sports and fitness may vary from person to person, and some people may mean the sports field. The speed and strength; for another part of people are sweating in the gym; it is also a simple walk and exercise. Why do we exercise? What did we harvest from sports?

Exercise increases energy consumption, which is beneficial to weight loss exercise

Scientific research and a large number of practical experience have shown that he often participates in physical exercise can promote the new metabolism capabilities of the human body, improve blood circulation, promote metabolic functions of various organs, especially the quality of skeletal muscles, and improve the basic metabolic efficiency of the body. To a certain extent, the exercise is the alternation of the contraction and diastolic skeletal muscle. The skeletal muscle is usually mainly based on the low strength and quiet state, and the longer the exercise time is longer, the more of the fat consumption Many, thereby facilitating regulating the ratio of body fat. Obesity statistics show that the weight loss effect is most obvious every week.

In the oxygen exercise of long-term law, fat mobilization and utilization is an important part of the body to obtain energy. Therefore, it should emphasize the medium and low-intensity physical activity of aerobics, such as walking, jogging, playing Tai Chi, playing badminton. Wait. In addition, often participating in the exercise is high than the restless metabolic rate of the unusually exerciser; often exercises more mobilization and uses the body stored in the body, more beneficial to prevent overweight and obesity.

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