Auxiliary production



(1) Prospective Dad down "Do not use force" instructions.

(2) Pregnant mother quickly continuously did the wheezing mode of breath, like the way, until the feeling of thinking is no longer. Exercise each time in 90 seconds.

Using the timing: In the childbirth phase, this method can be employed when the doctor wants not to force it.



(1) Do a clear breathing method first.

(2) After the big mouth is inhaled, you will be ignored immediately, then force it, just like toilet. To completely relax the muscles of the bottom of the bone. Take it as much as possible for about 10 seconds, and then take a breather after breathe until the contract is over.

(3) When the house is held, the hands hold the knee, elbow, pull the two knees to separate the legs, completely relax the bone disc, the legs, the muscles of the leg; can lay flat when practicing at home, Open the legs on the chair, the hips should be close to the edge of the chair, holding the feet of the chair, simulate the look on the base.

Using the timing: At this time, the barter has been fully opened, the doctor will ask the maternal to use force, born, whether the maternal uses force, and the length of the process. Therefore, when the shrink begins, it is necessary to quickly relax, so it is necessary to effectively play the power.

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