Fun movement toward the field

In order to enrich the campus life of all teachers, create a healthy civilization, a positive campus atmosphere, enhance the cohesiveness and cooperation awareness of teachers and workers, and promote the physical and mental health development of teachers. Quanxing County Baoqiao Center Kindergarten faculty and autumn sports meeting was successfully held on November 12, 2021, and they used hardships to settle a wonderful moment ...

This fun sports meeting facing the fields, stronger by grabbing the straw competition, the straw relatives, the pilot tower, three people, the rice field, and the six projects of the tug-of-war competition. The atmosphere of the field sports meeting is tight and fun, and the teachers fight. In the grazing of the straw competition, the teachers are incarnation "Miles, Shunfeng", and the eye is fast, grabbed the straw; while the straw relatives, the colleagues, the three-person four feet are the cooperation between the test team and the Miles, each group The team members, there is a quantity of organizers, and there is a trick, and the competition will cost it for their team, and the game once reaches the climax. The rice fields are required to work with the teamwork, how can I make a big competition? Everyone has given it to the unknown. In the fierce competition, everyone has strengthened the team awareness, showing a good spirit of spirit, the end of the game, this sports meeting is awarded the prizes for the winners, and the faculty masters experience the joy of victory and harvest.

This fun field sports will reflect the "healthy and healthy and healthy", through the activities of unity, collaborate, and cohesive teachers. I believe that all the faculty and staff of the package will work with a strong body, full of work enthusiasm, and work in the future education work. (Review: Zhang Huanhuan)

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