Outdoor sports, don't forget


In recent years, my country's outdoor sports have flourished, showing nationalization, diversification, personalization. At the same time, various sports and equipment, outdoor sports, clubs, network platforms, etc. are constantly emerging, expanding the scale of industrial, enriched industrial ecology. Day eye check data shows that there are more than 180,000 related companies in my country's outdoor sports, 2016 to 2020, and 5-year composite growth rate reached 18%.

It should be noted that although the outdoor movement is gradually popular, it is not completely formed with the safety guarantee system with it. For example, some domestic places are not strong in the safe prevention of outdoor sports events, participants lack the necessary safety common sense to outdoor sports, leading to outdoor sports accidents.

Although the outdoor movement is good, it is necessary to tighten the string of safety. From the perspective of the athlete, it is necessary to enhance safety travel awareness. Before departure, you should understand the factors such as destination weather, road conditions. At the same time, pay attention to scientific movement. Take the most common running, how to run, don't hurt, actually a very professional problem. If you don't make full warm-up or don't pay attention to muscle training, blindly run, it is likely to cause joint damage, half-month board damage; suddenly increase the amount of exercise, it is easy to cause myocarditis.

From the perspective of the event, large outdoor sports events must build a safe bottom line, always put the lives of the participants in the first place. This year's Gansu Baiyin Mountain Marathon accident sounds the alarm for similar event activities. Whether it is prepared before the game, or the emergency rescue of the sudden situation is the big thing in life, and you must not relax your vigilance. Especially the ultimate outdoor sports, relevant management departments, activities organized enterprises, clubs, associations, etc., such as wing flying, wild rock climbing, parkour, etc., must establish scientific, standardized, safe management system, and actively carry out safety Check, eliminate safety hazards in the bud. At the same time, it is also necessary to popularize the risk knowledge of outdoor sports, self-help common sense, and earnestly protect the outdoor sports participants to ensure the healthy and smooth development of the outdoor sports market.

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