Technology Sports Watch: TiCwatchgta

When I received TiCwatch GTA, I was very excited because I am a good person. For sports related products, I will be excited, so I will open the box in a sunny day.

Young explosion

TiCwatch GTA 10.4mm Metal ultra-thin body, dial + strap is also 43.8g, full touch screen, lift the wrist bright screen, swimming waterproof, really in line with its young people position, black shape, but Very scientific sports style, the texture is great, in the sun, the sun is still slight, it seems to be low-key, but there is a light. In the case of the size, I feel that I just have just good, I will find it without a feasibility, this is probably the designer.

On the right, the two press, the top is the menu button, that is, the home button, the following is the direct sport mode selection, then tell the function, first take a look at a few sunshine, TiCwatch GTA map. Colorful big screen, live flexible, 360 * 360 ultra-high resolution, detail display more fine.

Just good comfort

To tell the truth, the material is visible from the naked eye. It doesn't have to worry about it in the hand. This is very good, I used to use a brand of silicone strap, but also suffocated to peel, play at least 120 minutes of customer service Finally, I reply, let me go to the hospital to detect it, see if my skin is not suitable for this material? Or I ticwatch GTA is comfortable, I have to use it, it is still very comfortable.

More comprehensive features

TiCwatch GTA features are really a lot, positioning the smart watch of the Volkswagen, everyday as long as the button is gently, there are more than 25 kinds of motion mode, everyday, I have used the most is running and walking, so Declaration, people like this, it is really enough.

24-hour body temperature monitoring, heart rate, blood oxygen content, and respiratory rate monitoring, these more add a reference value, when should be taken, there are data support, not just the feeling of the body, sometimes When you are immersed in a thing, I really won't think too much and forget time, but this situation often there may be our unknown risks. Although GTA can't replace medical equipment, I think it is a daily auxiliary. Yes.

Let me also like: information, call reminder function, let me not need to watch the phone, you can quickly know what you want to know, WeChat, you can see it. Who called, I can see it. And music playback can also easily control on the watch. When the mobile fitness exercise, the phone is connected to the sofa. When there is no smart voice, TiCwatch GTA that monitors sports data can also control it.

Powerful life

In the official description, I saw a "2 weeks of long-lasting", this is a long battery life that I still can't imagine, 10 days in conventional mode, the long mode is 14 days, that is, 2 Week time, this is also enough for student groups or office workers, and it is not a matter. Will there be an electric anxiety? And my own use, starting from receiving this watch, there is no overturn, now more than half a week, there is still half time to wear it, and I have not charged electricity, so is it It can be said that this official is still conserved?

More friendly

More than 120 personalized dials, select the daily mood and the style of wearing a style, very friendly, no matter how sports, minimalism or business, can find your own dial. Interesting is the official, the function of the chassis is also named, that is, it is called a quick change dial, and you can switch, and built-in modular dial, for function, can pass, small White can also be easily entitled. It is also important to make us easy to use it. TicWatch GTA, it is true.

Written in the back

In general, this is a smart smart watch that combines sports. Many scenes will be placed on a long battery watch, while lightweight design is combined with black, let the movement more exercise, at the same time It adapted on the screen, the performance is very good. I hope that in the future sports scene can have more it.

The product diagram is completely created by Anu Andozango, and the content is written by Anu Andozan, for reference, only for reference, and must not be reproduced without authorization!

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