Feel traditional culture in sports

Teacher performance "Chinese Dragon".

Bamboo dance performance.

Sports and traditional cultures will touch what "sparks"? On November 30th, the city's second bares carried out winter sports meetings with the theme of "Close Tradition and Lexiang", and the special sports projects wearing traditional cultural knowledge, let children feel the charm of traditional culture in sports. Also make excellent traditional culture into the hearts of each child. In a three-day activity, the park is based on the age characteristics of children in different schools, which is suitable for children's sports, with a branch, batch, and aimed in sports.

The opening ceremony was presented in the dance "China Dragon" of the Teacher's Dance "China Dragon". The teachers showcase the traditional culture of the traditional culture with speed, strength and performance skills, wonderful performances won the applause of teachers and students. Every class of the big team has taken his own homework, some children are wearing national costumes, jumping with bamboo dance, chopsticks in cheerful music; some children jumping up fancy rope, gap, let a lot The teacher feels that it is like returning to his childhood; if there is a child's spirit, he is high as a fan, and the power of the fan is dating and the beauty is performed. Expedition and understanding of the children's voice, the children's voice, the children's voice Pass traditional cultural knowledge, let traditional cultural common sense to influe children's young souls, so that children have deepened the understanding of traditional culture in collective performances. "Tradition is a long time ago, it is now necessary to learn and inherit, just like we have a long-awaited fan dance." The children of the second boy in the city, in the process of preparing fan dance, using their own way Understand the meaning of traditional culture.

After the wonderful performance, the children of the big team opened a fierce "competitive tour". One-way competition, pug, playing bow, hiding the casing, 掰 wrist, etc. The teachers participate, the children want to try their honors for the class, and the playground has become a happy ocean. In the mid-course and small teams, small transporters, sandbags are long, stepping on stilts, pass relay, etc., suitable for children's age characteristics. "Today is really a happy day, you can participate in so many game projects, win so many small badges, really happy!" The children said when he participated in the feelings of the winter sports.

"Traditional folk games contain rich modern education value, it helps to promote the comprehensive development of young children, which is conducive to the biography of the national traditional culture, and also contribute to the enhancement of the children's national responsibility and modern competitiveness. Combine our school year Traditional folk games, from children's interest and experienced sports, this is a winter sports meeting, and is also one of the important contents of our theme course. I hope that teachers and children can gain something in such a topic. " The main person in charge of the city secondaries said in an interview.

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