How to exercise in winter?

Full media reporter Liu Nian

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Recently, the family in Xian'an District Hope Bridge Community Consultation, how to exercise in winter?

I hope that the medical staff of the Bridge Community Health Service Station introduces that before the winter movement, it is necessary to make more adequate preparation activities, making the muscles and joint properties to the best level.Pay attention to safety while exercising, choose the movement that suits you.

In the cold weather, pay attention to cold warm.Do not wear too little exercise, if necessary, wear a hat and gloves, but it is not too much, it is easy to hinder physical activity.After preparing the activities, you can gradually reduce your clothes, but avoid the clothes, when you sweat, when you sweat, because the body is more water, the cold wind blows into the body temperature, which is easy to cause a cold.After the end of the exercise, it should be put on the coat as soon as possible to prevent cold.

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