The more healthy

The kindergarten morning exercises are a beautiful scenery of kindergarten. It is also an important part of the child's life. It has an important role in enhancing children's physical fitness, developing children's basic actions, and cultivating child cooperation awareness. In order to improve the early quality of the children, fully play the educational function of the early morning exercises and show all the positive spirit of all teachers and students, Dongfeng Preschool Group ushered in the twelfth young childhood morning exercise competition.

This morning, the teacher is jointly displayed, and the whole morning exercise is full of health and vitality. On the court, the children moved neatly, the slogan was bright, and one of the spirit, full of confidence, full of vitality. The babies all go all out, perfectly showcase their own level and class style! Finally, "Best Team Award", "Best Violence Award", and "Best Warming Award".

This event not only inspires children to participate in the enthusiasm of early exercise, and feel the happiness of sports, and strengthen their skills and consciousness and promote the social development of children. Let the morning exercise. Use a motion to evoke a full spirit, use a music to stretch the pleasure, open every day with a laughter! Protecting the children's growth road, we will not slack off. Let us cheer for the children, self-confidence, sunshine, and wise childhood!

Editor: Fu Yuyi

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