Sports strong body stadium exhibition style

Welcome to the early morning to learn the breeze, bathe the warmth of the winter. On December 1st, more than 300 teachers and students in Nanjiang Primary School gathered in the school playground, and held a 2021 winter meeting.

With the majestic national song, the bright five-star red flag rises over the vast campus, and the fifth winter sports meeting in Nanjiang Primary School kicked off in the majestic national antity.

Zhong Bin, Vice President. He summed up the results of the school sports work in recent years, emphasizing the importance of sports work, and puts forward of all the athletes and referees: all the athletes put into investment, struggle; the referee is fulfilled, fair referee, make the sports meeting A complete success.

Then the referee represents Shen Wei and athletes on behalf of Longbo River.

The Ming is the non-vice president announced: the 5th Winter Games in Nanjiang Primary School will open now. The voice is just falling, the sprint is thunderous, drums are lifted.

The small athletes on the sports field are blessed, and they are not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tiredness, and actively fighting. Every player has made his best, insist on the last, and the teachers came to the athletes with the children, cheering and cheering, the sound is even a wave!

On the game, the athletes waved sweat, showing passion, practicing confidence. This is a contest of strength and strength; this is a confrontation of will and will; this is a grand event of communication, enhancing friendship. On the side of the game, the students made the players to help, shout, and cheering resounded throughout the campus, the scene was warm.

This winter sports game project is colorful, a total of one minute jump rope, sit-up, basketball, 50m smooth relay, tug-of-war, table tennis, etc., a total of 79 person-time personal awards and 9 group awards.

The success of this sports meeting not only active campus culture, but also promoted the students' sports competitive level, further promoted the development of the school's sun sports activities. Increased class cohesion, cultivated the spirit of the classmates, and reflected the "faster, higher, stronger" sports spirit, and the students who were not afraid of difficulties and enthusiasm, but also to school sports. Another show and inspection is the specific initiative of our school to carry out "Sunshine Sports" activities, implement the "one hour of exercise every day". (Zhong Bin)

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