Sports Bluetooth headset what brand is good, Bluetooth sports headphones

On the way of sports, we have been pursuing the immersive experience, what all bags, half packs, incompetent, half-in-ear, bone-drive headset, the type of earphones is so many kinds, so choose a good sports headset is especially important, now There are a variety of headphones to choose from, for many people, this inevitably looks a bit complicated and difficult to choose. So today, I collected some good sports headphones, and recommend it to everyone, I hope to solve everyone chooses the problem of sports headphones.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

In the era of technology in Bluetooth headphones, in fact, the sound quality and connection of the headphones are very much different, and the South Card is in the wear experience, which uses the bone passing sound, not in the ear to listen to the song. Sports safer.

In configuring the South Card Runner Pro3 can be said to be all full, support NFC fast pairing and one drag two feature, you can implement multiple devices to quickly connect and switch, Bluetooth 5.2 chips by optimizing transmission power consumption time up to 10 hours. Also have IPX8 top waterproof, with self-contained 16G memory swimming

2. Sony WF-SP800N Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This Sony's real wireless headset can be said to be born, it uses the Extra BassTM sound to bring better rhythm, better stimulating the user's mobile capabilities. In addition, it also has special digital noise reduction. It automatically detects the active location and status of the user, and automatically switches the preset environment sound and noise reduction plan, resulting in a better noise reduction effect. In terms of endurance, WF-SP800N has a noise reduction function with 13 hours of battery life, plus 13 hours of replenishment of the headset charging box, a total of 26 hours. In the case of opening noise reduction, its endurance is 9 hours, plus the headphone box is 18 hours. In terms of charging, it can enjoy a 60-minute playback time for 10 minutes.

3. Glory XSport Pro Bluetooth sports headphones

The glory XSport Pro headset cable is made of high-strength nylon braid, with strong tensile strength and anti-twisting, greatly extended the service life of headphone cables in high intensity use. The IPX55 daily waterproofing capabilities of the whole machine also makes this headset to resist the erosion of sweat during exercise, which greatly improves the reliability of the product in sports scenes.

In order to be able to make it easy for users, glory Xsport Pro uses a Hall magnetic suction switch design. The headphones on both ends can be directly phased directly in the chest, thereby disconnecting the Bluetooth connection, stopping playback, not only in motion. The swing of the amplitude is inconvenient, and the role of automatically stopping playback, saving power consuming.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

NANK South Card CC 2, this is the Nanka entry-level bone conductor headset, the NANK South Card CC 2 also equipped with the magnetic charging interface with the flagship model, instead of the traditional Type-C interface, such design Bring better enclosures, dust-proof and waterproof is more like a floor. Although it is entry-level but compared to some mid-end bone conducted in the market, it is not much more, first in waterproof, NANK South Card CC 2 waterproof reaches IPX6, this is some mid-end headphones, after Just reach only 28 grams, the ear feels less than the slight burden and oppression when exercise, can make a better exercise experience for the use of people.

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