How is the winter hand and feet?

What are the reasons a winter cold hands and feet have?


1, wear too little, too tight may lead to cold hands and feet. Tight leggings, boots, Trousers are bound by the limbs, also limits the circulation of the blood, when blood circulation slows down, people will not only feel cold, frostbite will be serious.

2, picky eaters partial eclipse, unbalanced nutrition

Skin epidermis, dermis and fat of three layers, thick layers of fat make you look more bloated though, to pretty minus points, but there are isolated in vitro effect of temperature. Do not eat on time or nutritional intake is not balanced, the fat layer are weak, there may be cold hands and feet.

3, too little exercise

Jogging, brisk walking, jumping rope and other aerobic exercise, the short term can accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, people quickly warm up. Long-term adhere to exercise, enhance physical fitness, unknowingly cold hands and feet away from you.

The winter cold hands and feet how conditioning?


1, the sun

The sun shines on the body will soon feel the warmth, but also the Chinese point of standing before the body is yin, the yang, if conscious bask in the back, there are fill yang against the cold effect.

2, according to points

Yang chi point name, meaning there gather the sun's heat. A little stimulation, can quickly smooth blood, warm the body. Further, the pressing Hegu, washed off pockets or the back waist Mingmen also through the meridians, warm and cold effect.

3, drinking ginger tea

Some materials in the water was added, warm-up effect can be doubled, such as ginger, jujube soaked in water for drinking.

4, hot feet

Feet with hot water, hot air penetration into the inner skin, stimulate telangiectasia, accelerate blood circulation, so as to moisturize the skin, the role of warm, but also to improve cold hands and feet.

Cold hands and feet of people pay attention to what diet? Be

1 protein is sufficient. How much the synthesis of hemoglobin, the oxygen transport protein have a direct relationship with the muscle mass. The best source of high quality protein is fish, poultry, eggs, meat, soybeans, milk and so on. I myself whether these diet foods to eat every day? And then consider how to eat the amount? For example, a daily average of 40 to 75 g fish, poultry meat, 40 to 75 grams, an egg, a bag of milk, a glass of milk.

2, a lot of poor iron anemia, often resulting in heme synthesis is affected, so the ability to transport oxygen decreases, less body heat. Red meat, liver, particularly rich in iron. Lean beef, lean mutton, lean pork and other red meat can eat about one day two, the liver can eat fresh 2 ~ 3 times per month, every half to two, these methods can be effective iron supplementation.

3, B vitamins and nutrients for the three capacity can have a relationship, because a lot of B vitamins are essential coenzyme involved in energy metabolism is an important constituent, natural and ultimately heat. In meat, whole grains, fermented food, especially rich. Per day to eat whole grains is preferably 50 to 150 grams.

4, small portions of water, healthy drink may be suitably 1 to 2 cups of coffee per day. A sufficient amount of water can promote blood circulation. Wherein a portion of the water may select coffee, caffeine in coffee is capable of stimulating blood circulation, so as to improve basal metabolism, thermogenesis accelerating effect.

5, pay attention to the way food is cooked, food is best cooked, eat after warming. Such as fruit can heat water blanched; yogurt can also be warm water and drink what temperature; then eat the best vegetables are cooked, to prevent raw vegetables easy to eat diarrhea; in itself cold food stimulation, such as ice cream, ice cream, iced soft drinks are best avoided.

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