Do you have a raise cuisine in spring?

Spring arrival, everything is recovered. The lettuce in the spring should be both seasonal vegetables. There is a very crisp and tender taste. Don't have a flavor. At the same time, spring is in the spring, suitable for more vegetables and fire, supplement moisture, so spring health must eat more.

Lettuce, leaf, lettuce commonly known as the goose, 仔, lettuce, the chrysacher lettuce. Guangzhou is one of the earliest parts of Chinese cultivated lettuce. Lettuce contain lettuce, letticin have the effect of calm and reducing. The water consumption of lettuce is high, which can help resist respiratory diseases that are easy to cause spring season. The nutrition of lettuce is very rich, can help the human body to add vitamin C to enhance the resistance. In addition, lettuce also have low fat characteristics and helps the body slim.

Let's practice diverse, the most common food, garlic, lettuce, oyster sauce. The freshly frying vegetables and refreshing mouths, with the effects of the lettuce itself, such as analgesic hypnosis, lower cholesterol, the treatment of neurase, diuretic, promotes blood circulation, antiviral, and the like. In addition to the effects of peeled fire, garlic, garlic, there is also a role of bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and lowering blood sugar, and even supplement.

The Spring Festival diet is more greasy, it is recommended to eat more lettuce, and the fat is greasy.

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