Please note that this soup is drinking again!Will be tired of your gallbladder, will also cause gout ~

As the saying goes, a bowl of soup every day is better than a good prescription! Especially after the winter solstice is here, chicken soup, mutton soup, ribs soup have become a homes in a nourishing recipe.

Although it is good for the winter season to drink some soups, if you drink, "Health Soup" will become "Telling Soup."

During the bunch of snacks, be careful of your gallbladder!

When many people soup, they are pursuing a "long" word. Think the longer the soup, the longer the meat is cooked, the more nutrients and essence in the food, the more nutritious soup.

But in fact, the long cooking does not make the nutrients in the meat ingredients "chemical" in the soup, but only make the fat, nitrite, sputum, etc., the more the health of the body is getting more.

In other words, the longer the broth is boiled, the more "poison"!

You know, just a ingredient, it is not a good thing.

Its metabolite is uric acid, uric acid is metabolized by kidney, and if the kidney metabolism, it will lead to an increase in uric acid in the blood.

Ururia is high, it is easy to cause gout, and may even induce gallbladder disease.

In 2020, Jiangsu Yangzhou University Affiliated Hospital emergency department has come to 11 patients overnight, all of which are drunk, and there is a decisive diarrhea, severe abdominal pain.

After a series of inspections, the doctor said that this is not a food poisoning, but the brilliant disease induces stones!

It turns out that these 11 patients have gallstones, and the foods such as beef soup, mutton soup, chicken soup, etc., contain a lot of sputum, which is very easy to induce gallstones, and increase the burden on the kidney, Start kidney disease.

Previously, the intercouitation actor Guo Qilin sent a gout in a certain variety show, and she could only take the wheelchair.

And the reason for gout, Guo Qilin said in the show, when I was a hot pot of mutton, I took the meat, and I drunk the soup of mutton.

So, a long-touched broth, everyone should drink less!

How long is the meat soup?

General recommendations, meat soup is about 1 hour, up to 2 hours; fish soup is controlled within 1 hour.

In addition to broth, these foods will also be jacuate

Uric acid is too high, the most obvious problem is to cause gout.

So, what kind of food should you have to eat less uric acid?


animal organs

In the internal organs of the animals, there is a high sputum, and it will cause an increase in uric acid in the body or even crystallization, which is easy to cause renal failure.

So there is less animal, pig liver, pig lung, chicken liver in life.


drink wine

Drinking will affect the metabolism of uric acid in the body, causing uric acid to accumulate in the body, accelerate damage to the kidneys.

In addition, drinking will also cause liver function to decline, so drink less, don't drink too much.



In seafood contains a large amount of sputum, especially seafood, which can cause more uric acid in vivo, causing damage to the kidney, increasing the risk of kidneys.


Carbonated drinks

Contains a large amount of sugar and additives in the carbonated beverage, often drinking the formation of uric acid, causing an increase in uric acid in vivo.

Beware! Category 4 people are easy to uric acid

● People with high blood sugar, hypertension, high blood lipids.

● The crowd of a large pressure, often insomnia.

● Regular entertainment, overeating, life is irregular or too obese people.

● The family has a history of gout history.

Reduce uric acid, 4 things can't be less

Adjusting lifestyle is the core of preventing uric acid, and the gout should be started from life.


Drink enough water

The primary task of rising uric acid is to drink more water, daily drinking water can be used as the calculation standard. Generally, if the amount of urine is above 1500 ml, it is proved to drink water.


Have to exercise

Medium intensity motion of more than 30 minutes should be performed daily, and the weight is controlled in the normal range. Swimming, taking, jumping fitness, practicing gas, riding, etc.


Eat less meat

"China Resident Dietary Guide (2016)" recommended, fish, birds, eggs, lean meat and other animal foods an average annual intake of 120 grams ~ 200 grams.

This total can be further decomposed: 40 grams of aquatic product, 40 grams of livestock meat, 40 grams of eggs ~ 50 grams.

Here weight is the weight of the meat, that is, the weight before cooking.


Away from sugar

The recommendation proposed by China Resident Dietary Guide (2016) is that each person adds sugar intake without more than 50 grams, it is best to limit it within 25 grams.

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