How many people happen in a "hot eating"!The 65-year-old aunt is full of ulcers ...

There is a word "people to eat for the sky", especially the cold wind, the hot tea, the hot tea, the pork belly of the fuel, the hot hot soup and the hot pot is floating And the hair belly ... put a chopsticks, blow a few mouthfuls, and put it into your mouth.

Eat hot, it is the "respect" of the Chinese to the food. Especially those who have justquered a hot air, there is always a magic that can't resist, it seems that there is a taste.

Zhejiang has a 65-year-old aunt, with the family to the hot pot restaurant, because I love hot tofu, she cut out a cooked tofu from the hot pot, swallowed directly. I didn't feel uncomfortable at the time, but after two days, she felt the pain in the abdomen. After eating, the pain aggravated, so I went to the hospital.

The doctor made a gastroscopy for her, and the results found that the lower paragraphs in her esophagus were ulcers. The surface was covered with purustiment, stomach erosion, and the duodenal colonal, the depression is all ulcers.

The doctor said that this situation is likely to eat hot food with the aunt.

Several self-test small tests,

See if your esopha o is okay?


In this case, consider that there is esteem carcinoma, it should be further examined.

1. Does there have a swallowing and foreign body feelings, pain after the sternum? Click to look at the answer

The difficulty of performing sexual swallowing is a typical symptom of esophageal cancer, once there is often a commonly suggested esophageal cancer, late stage.

2. Is there any difficulty in progress? Click to look at the answer

It may be possible to have an esophageal perforation.

3. What is the cause of unknown causes, cough or fever symptoms? Click to look at the answer

The above symptoms occur, often suggest that it is an esophageal cancer.

4. Does the appearance of obvious sound hoarseness, body shape or breathing symptoms? Click to look at the answer

Always laugh health tips:

Generally, the early symptoms of esophageal cancer are not obvious, and if they are diagnosed alone, they often have neutralized, late. So just screening as soon as possible, preventing it.

"The most painful cancer",

Really being "hot"?

Esophageal cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in the esophageal site, and the incidence is very high. Only 2020, the global incidence of esophageal cancer was 600,000 cases, of which 320,000 in China, of which about 300,000 were died of esophageal cancer. This phenomenon has a close relationship with poor eating habits.

According to the research report published by the World Health Organization (IARC) in "Willow Knife · Oncology", it is said that drinking 65 ° C, which will increase the risk of food cancer.

This is because our esophageal walls are actually very "delicate" and is not heat. Usually, the temperature of the oral and esophagus is in 36.5 ° C ~ 37.2 ° C, and the normal tolerance temperature range is only 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C, Temperature> 65 ° C will burn mucosa (such as hot drinks, hot pots, ram porridge, etc.), making mucosal epithelium damage, ulceration, and even bleeding.

In the long-term repetitive "hot" stimuli, esophageal mucosa continues to damage and repair cycles, and in the process, chronic inflammation and abnormal hyperplasia are possible, and the cell carcinoma is caused, and finally developed into a 5-year survival rate or even less than 10%. Esophageal cancer.

Therefore, the International Cancer Research Institute (IARC) is included in the "2A category carcinogens" (very likely to cause cancer), and the heavy metals belong to the same category.

In fact, not only hot drinks, as long as it is a high temperature, it will cause burning food tube mucosa and cause the risk of necrosis. Cancer changes will occur during the accumulation. Note: It is not an inevitable relationship between eating hot and cancer, but a long-term eating hot food will increase the risk of carcinogenicity!

Be wary of "cancer" from mouth,

These "esophageal killers" you have to prevent!

In addition to love "hot food", there are also bad habits that are easily ignored by us in daily life, and hidden carcinogenic factors.

Excessive taste, love to eat pickled goods

In my country's esophageal cancer high-risk areas, mainly carcinogenic risk factors are carcinogenic nitrosamines and their precursor substances and certain fungi and their toxins. Huaxi Public Health College found in the analysis of risk factors of esophageal cancer: often eat marinated food, high-salt diet, mildew food, spicy food, and fried food, etc. "heavy taste", will increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

Solving the countermeasures: reducing spicy and greasy foods and marinated food intake, appropriately increases the intake of fruits (rich in vitamin C, with extremely strong reducing), can reduce the content of toxic nitrosine.

In addition, nitrosmines can be converted into carcinogenic nitrite after frying, so the pickled food is not yet fried.

All-year-old tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol is a clear risk factor of esophageal squamous cell. The study shows that the risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in severe drinking is significantly increased. A META analysis shows that smoking and drinking can synergistically, further improving the incidence of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Solve the countermeasures: quit smoking and drinking.

Different hygiene environment, bacteria breeding

In some esophageal cancer high-risk areas, most residents have oral hygiene differences, prone to dental caries or short classes. Due to the inner bacteria breeding, the nitrosamine content is high, and if the patient is also accompanied by atrophic gastritis, the risk of esophageal squamous cell is greatly increased under the synergies of the two.

Solving the countermeasures: pay attention to oral health, properly brush your teeth on time, keep the mouth clean.

So, the problem is coming, how can I have a skill, let us hide health and delicious? Master 4 "degrees",

Protect the esteem, eat health


Temperature don't be too hot

Insurance, when you eat, let the food will feel the temperature on your lips. If you feel that you don't eat it. Of course, this should be particularly reminded to pay attention to "invisible hot food" of "the outer table is cool but inner hot".

As the name, it is the food that is hot but the surface is not hot, such as the flow of heart milk yellow bag, peeing beef pill, burst chicken chops, and paswence.


Don't be too fast

There is a more interesting experiment. Let's eat corn, hot milk, boiled eggs, health porridge, etc. .

Data Source: Beijing Medical

Therefore, when you eat, you can put a high temperature of food for a while, or use a physical cooling method, wait a few minutes to eat.


Food should be moderate

Hot food is not completely can't eat, occasionally don't have a relationship, but it is recommended to eat small mouth slowly.


Don't be too hard

The health of the esophageal, in addition to the temperature affected, pay attention to avoid mechanical scratches. When you have a very hard food, you have to remember how to handle your soft. If you accidentally swallow the fish thorn, jujube, or a sharp bone, you must see your doctor in time.

Emergency is not lost, medical map to help, I found a nearest hospital nearby for you first!


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Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!