People go to fifty, health is the most important!Keep in mind: 5 "pathogenesis" habits, it is best to occupy

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People - raw, life, old, ill, dead, normal natural phenomena.

However, many people have not come and say goodbye, suddenly leave, let people in the world are very sad.

As the saying goes, "50 years ago, I will change money; after 50 years old, take money again."

When people go to middle age, if they are really sick, the money does not necessarily change back to life, and can only delay as much as possible.

50 years old, many people are more sensitive.

Li Wei, because of the death of cancer, just 50 years old.

People to fifty, what is most important?

Health is most important!

With a healthy body, you can enjoy the music, and your family will be relieved.

People to fifty, remember: 5 "pathogenesis" habits, it is best to accounted for it!

People have a life, there is no 5 things - eat, drink, pull, sprinkle, sleep, want to be healthy, "the disease" habits, the better, the better!

"One: eat

"People eat food as the sky", eat, is a big event for everyone! However, poor "eat" will "cultivate soil" for cancer.

1, "eat" habits

Eating, drinking too hot food, will damage the frozen mucosa, gastric mucosa, induce inflammation, and repeatedly increase the possible lesions.

Eat too fast, eat too fast, will affect the stomach digestion, increase the burden, induce digestive system disease, and long time, it may cause cancer.

2, "eat" structure

Eat some "garbage" food, such as frying, smoked, marinated food, there will be some substances that are not good for physical health after processing, and it will increase body cancer.

Don't like food, fruit, etc.

"II: Drink

Drinking water is to supplement your body nutrition. But modern people are more keen on wine, all kinds of beverages, mainly to meet the taste, but bring the garbage that does not want.

1, alcohol

"Small wine is pleasing, big wine hurts".

A small amount of drink is good for your health, but many people have a long-term drinking, thereby increasing the burden on liver metabolism, and induces liver disease.

Alcohol enters the body, decomposed by the liver, produces a series of waste during metabolism, which damage the liver. Long-term drinking will trigger alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

2, various types of food additives

Among the various bottled beverages on the market, there are a large number of food additives, although some drinks meet the national regulations, but long-term drinking, still induce some chronic diseases.

The sugar in the beverage will abnormally, induce diabetes;

Sodium containing sodium in the beverage will increase the burden of the kidney, induce nephropathy, high blood pressure.

"Three: pull

For some people, every day happiness is a smooth place. Because the constipation is too much.

As the saying goes, you have to live longer, "net".

To ensure intestinal health, 1-2 times a day is suitable to reduce the accompanying toxins in vivo toduve the disease.

Experts pointed out that 90% of the human body is related to the intestinal unclean, and it is not arranged for 1 day. It is equal to suction 3 to smoke.

In the stool, it will induce intestinal diseases.

There are a variety of carcinogens such as hydrogen sulfide, fecane, cholesterol metabolism, if there is a habit of stool, these hazardous substances will take longer in the intestines, easily absorbed, stimulate the intestinal mucosa, and to induce diseases.

"Four: Sad

Life has three urgents, one of which is urgency.

Su Dongpo pointed out in "Health Record": "It is necessary to live, urination; to live, small and easy."

Chinese medicine believes that "kidney main water", kidney is the original power of hydrolymal metabolism, want health, raise the kidney.

The urine reflects the situation of body hydraulic metabolism and viscera, so it is important to ensure that urination is smooth and normal.

Urine, increase the occurrence of urinary infections, and damage the kidney and increase the incidence of nephropathy.

Sedentary, the body is very harmful, which will oppress the bladder of the buttocks and the thighs, so that the bladder is not smooth, causing the bladder function.

Chinese medicine believes that "the kidney and the bladder" will trigger the abnormal renal function, so "sedentary and kidney", not reason.

"Five: Sleep

About 1/3 of people have spent a sleep in sleep, with good sleep quality, facilitating good health.

Staying up late, it has become a modern person "habits to often", not more than 12 am, you can't sleep.

Studies have found that nightlights will undermine the formation of melatonin in human body, and it is a substance that protects human immune function, lacking it increases probability of leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer.

People go to fifty, want to be healthy, remember "one check, two minus, three hard":

"One Check":

Pay attention to the medical examination, especially those with the history of the disease.

Anti-cancer check

CT examination: chest, head;

"Mirror Inspection": stomach, intestines (including rectum, large intestine);

Ultrasound examination: breast, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, thyroid, etc.

"Second Minute":

Life must learn to "subtract", so it will live happier.

1, reduce the salt

Some people say that "there is a lot of people to eat in their lives."

When people go to fifty, control oil salt intake, can also prevent a variety of chronic diseases.

It is suggested that the salt intake per day is within 6 grams, and the intake of edible oil is within 25-30 grams. I know how to eat, the nutritional intake is more comprehensive:

Such as: illated sodiac oil, oleic acid-rich olive oil, rich soybean oil rich in linoleic acid, press 1: 2: 2 ratio, 25-30 grams per day.

Soviet oil, rich in alpha-linolenic acid, is an essential fatty acid, which needs to be taken from the food.

The study found that the content of α-linolenic acid in Soviet oil can reach 67%, supplement only 5 ml of Soviet oil per day.

Modern studies have found that alpha-linolenic acid has softened blood, protecting vascular endothelial cells, reducing lipid deposition and improving fibrilic function, can remove blood garbage, reduce blood cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol, increase vascular permeability, help Clear the harmful substance of cardiovascular, protect the health of the cardiovascular system.

2, subconscious

People have to have a good attitude, don't pay too much attention to some small things, don't have high expectations for some things, so as not to be frustrated inner.

When people go to 50 years old, most of them have experienced, many things should learn to let go, don't go to the metrics, learn to be modest, accept, do yourself, let yourself maintain a good attitude, find some unnecessary trouble.

"Three Qin":

1, drink tea

When people go to middle age, there are fewer and fewer in the body, and it is difficult to develop the habit of drinking water. It is better to drink tea, which is to promote the discharge of toxins in the body.

Dandelion Root Fermentation Tea - More suitable for daily health

The dandelion root is fermented, reducing dandelion's coldness, is more suitable for long-term drinking.

Dandelion, there is a good effect of liver, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, etc., as a daily health drink better.

The study found that dandelions can prevent acute liver damage, and can reduce serum aminogenase and gravist transaminase, suitable for frequent drinkers.

Dandelion has the reputation of "natural antibiotics", with broad-spectrum antibacterial effects, can improve the body of inflammatory inflammation and improve body immunity.

Dandelion has a good diuretic effect to promote the discharge of toxins in vivo and reduce the burden of liver and kidney metabolism.

2, study hard

Some experts say "life is brain sports." The human body begins with the brain, and the diligent brain can delay aging.

When people go to 50, many people will rarely use their brains, and even stop learning. In this way, the central nervous system function of the brain will degrade early, accelerate aging, and induce elderly dementia.

Learning, hard-working brains, can promote new metabolism of brain cells, the more stimulation of brain acceptance information, the more developed brain cells, the more vitality.

3, diligent

When people go to middle age, the body metabolism decline, the more people don't want to move.

For a long time, it will lead to a decline in the function of the body, and there is a increase in garbage toxins in the vascular, increase the risk of sudden death of obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Multi-sports, help to promote blood circulation, strengthen cardiopulmonary functions, and promote in vivo toxins; at the same time, we can control weight.

Suggestions, go, jogging, swimming, Taijiquan, square dancers can.

3-5 days per week, at least 30 minutes per day.

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