Conditioning a "blood thick", only two flavors

The middle-aged and elderly people must check each year. After most human tests, they have found themselves atherosclerosis or blood-lipid-thiconial problems. These factors often lead to abnormal blood supply. Although aspirin sausage can help us solve these problems, it is very irritating to the stomach and must be dissolved in the doctor's guide. It is recommended to recommend two traditional Chinese medicine: salvia miltiorrhiza and hawthorn, which have positive significance for promoting blood flow, expanding blood vessels, and purifying blood environments.


The middle-aged and elderly people must check each year. After most human tests, they have found themselves atherosclerosis or blood-lipid-thiconial problems. These factors often lead to abnormal blood supply. Why is the incidence of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease these years? It is caused by these factors, they are the "open path of the cardiovascular" cardiovascular disease.

Some people say: If you check these questions, you must prepare some aspirin enteric, which can help us solve these problems.

Although aspirin sausage tablets are really useful, it is very irritating to the stomach, so it must be taken under the guidance of a doctor. If this medicine can cause a hemorrhagic disease like stomach blood, then what should I do if I have heart-to-heart vascular disease?

Here, we recommend two traditional Chinese medicines: Danshen and hawthorn, which promote blood flow, expanding blood vessels, purifying blood environments, is a "natural bracket" of blood vessels.



Live blood circulation, transport blood vessels

One said that Danshen, a lot of cardiovascular patients know that this is a medicated blood stasis and blood circulation. Indeed, Danshen is very wide in clinical application.

Chinese medicine believes that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are weak, but the blood is caused in the pulse. People to middle age, qi deficiency is certain, blood stasis is inevitable, so it is easy to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

"The grass is sparsess": "Danshen suffering, temperature, long-lasting benefits, dedicated blood, its work is to live blood," means that Danshen can take long service, taste vent. "Slim" means "lower behavior", Danshan can cause blood, but will not cause blood to the brain like other omnipotent drugs such as angelica, and thus the blood punch, causing cerebral hemorrhage.

Take Danshen, the gas machine will go down, like water, the gas is smooth, the gas is smooth, the stomach is smooth, so there is "the intestine, such as the water".

In other words, for middle-aged and elderly people, while Dansian is alive, it is also possible to benefit, qi, which is different from other Chinese medicine.

Since Danshen has such a big power, why do you have to join the hawthorn in the Salvia? This is because the hawthorn has a blood pressure, lowering blood fat, can assist salvia to "chemical blood stasis and no new blood, and unruly, not hurt."

That is, the sex of the hawthorn can spleen and stomach, help digestion, and its digestiveness can also conduct gasification, so it is a combination of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases, it is Zhu Xianlian, complement.



Expansion of blood vessels, step-down fatal fat

01 prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Studies have found that hawthorn can expand coronary artery, increase coronary flow, reduce myocardial consumption, and increase myocardial shrinkage and heart output blood volume, slow down heart rate.

It also expands the coronary vessels to reduce blood pressure.

These are slow and lasting, which is very beneficial to the old people with myocardial infarction, heart failure, hypertension and other diseases.

02 lowering blood fat

Hawthorn's blood fat is very obvious, especially it can inhibit cholesterol synthase, reduce cholesterol, thereby reducing high cholesterol caused by atherosclerosis, prevention, brain, and kidney and other organ lesions.

03 promoting digestive function

Hawthorn contains fatty acids, which can promote fat digestion; contain a variety of organic acids, vitamin C, increase gastric protease secretion and increase its activity, thereby promoting protein digestion absorption. Hawthorn's sour taste can also stimulate taste, enhance appetite, and regulate gastrointestinal functionality.

The smaller the hawthorn, the larger the sourness, the stronger the function of protecting the blood vessel; the color green, the arsena, the mouth feels more acid, contains more quercetin.


Danshen + Hawthorn

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease "gold match"

Danshen hawth, lowering blood fat, anti-blood tube hardening

Usage: Buy Danshen, 10 grams of hawthorn, processing into powder, divided into 10 copies, joined for about 40 degrees, and seizes a week.

When the middle-aged and elderly people have inspected, blood andipipidene, whether it is moderate or mild, or accompanied atherosclerosis, can be taken above, and there will be a good effect.

If the medical examination is not found, it can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as long as it takes half of the above.


Danshen fried red fruit, escapement of the heart

Practice: Take Danshen 20g, Hawthorn 200g, a little rock sugar, osmant sugar; salvia miltiorrhiza is soaked in advance 8 hours, poured into the pot, cook for 15 minutes, and add to the nuclear hawthorn at one time.

There is no diabetes population to add rock sugar, continue to cook for half an hour, and you can eat it after cooking.

This secret is also a guarantee that Zhang Dawei, a cardiovascular doctor Zhang Dazhao, a cardiovascular doctor of Beijing TCM Hospital, recommended to everyone in a program of Beijing Satellite TV.



Prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis

Hawthorn and Danshen are used in combination with Danshen, which is better to prevent coronary heart disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis. Service: 6 ~ 12 grams of dry hawth, 水服 (afraid of the acid to properly add sugar), 1 to 2 pieces each time, 2 to 3 times a day.

Under normal circumstances, the dose of hawthorn is dried: 6 ~ 12 grams, fresh fruit: 10 ~ 20 grams.


● One-flavor of Salvia, tries to eat four-mid soup, blood circulation and raise their blood, but Danshen should not use metal pots, it is recommended to use porcelain pots. Eating Salvia miltiorrhiza is avoided with foods with too high, such as pig liver, hool liver, etc .;

● Hawthorn diet, assisted to regulate blood lipids, and there is also the efficacy of the blood circulation to debris, after boiling, the lotion is better. Big red hawthorn, tasteful, digestive function is better; small hawthorn, orally allerged, blood circulation function is better.

Once the following symptoms are found, be alert to cardiovascular disease:

There is a headache in a long time, dizziness;

There is a chest tightness and breathing, accompanied by chest pain;

You can't sit up when you sleep, feel your breathing;

The scalp has a numbness, hard, and discomfort;

The finger is numb, the legs are weak, and it is unintentional to exotic water;

After eating, the sternane is slightly discomfort, and it is cold from time to time;

Walking time is slightly longer, it is slightly fast, and the chest is angry, and the heartbeat accelerates.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!