When these four phenomena, don't panic, is the body in detoxification

Entering the spring, many people around you are open, more and more, then the meat on the stomach is getting more and more thick, some or even a few months have not seen it, 愣 是 自己 自己 自己 个 个This, I worked my friend. Later, I recommended that she didn't always eat, and tried to kneel the stomach and knocked the belt.

Later, I insisted on almost half a month, saying that I feel more, my stomach is 咕咕, is there any side effects in the abdomen? Do you want to stick to it?

Later, I was asked, and she learned that these appearances are some side effects, but some of the water and humidity blocked in the belly, and the performance of the outer row, we eat so much, the body can't complete Absorption, will definitely transform into a humid or turbidity is full of abdomen, touch it hard, so hard, this waste is definitely to find an exit, or go, That is, I'm snoring, or the down is the fart to exhaust or diarrhea, which is the performance of the body in improve.

Sticking for three months, this divestry belly will be a lot, and this is asking me more than one person, it can be seen that we will encounter this kind of thing in life, thinking is a side effect, in fact, this is The reaction of the body is turbid and detoxified! The following summarizes 4 "physical response" we often encounter, but don't misunderstand anymore!

First: After the abdomen, always snorful and fart.

Like our usual belly, or eat something, it is always dumping, blocked friends, usually there should be more belly, my mother has become very good, and it is always easy to hungry, Spring, a length of six or seven pounds, the belly is also a circle, and later taught with a teacher who knows, saying that there is a lot of 揉 揉 揉 带 脉 脉, the time has been naturally visible.

Sure enough, my mother insisted that the belly of three months knocked three months, the abdomen is flat, and it is normal. During the period of the abdomen, there will always be fart, snoring, diarrhea, and always hungry, but it is not so bloating after eating, I feel that the body is more smooth.

So these phenomena are normal, when our belly is screaming, even always want to go to the toilet, pull out, it is also a sticky toilet, which means that our body has risen, the turbidity has fallen, and it has played it. effect. The turbid turbid water deposited in the abdomen is scattered by our external force, and the body is naturally smooth.

Usually touch your belly, if you always touch hard Bangang, or have hard knot, so your stomach is more, and some people have finished the abdomen, the abdomen is easy to start with some red fine rash. One piece, this is because the body moisture is too heavy. If the color of the abdomen is dark, it is too long to block the body, the wet cold is too heavy, and the blood is insufficient. In addition to 揉 揉, you can eat some foods that have a bloody food, help our body drive these turbcommine.

The method of the abdomen is very simple, lying on the bed before going to bed at night, you can start a circle from the navel before going to bed, knead 50 laps; then reverse the clockwise, the same is also 50 laps.

I feel that the intensity of the abdomen is not enough, and it can be arranged, and the position of the belly is very close to the stomach. When the veins are blocked, the intestines are easy to blocked, and the pulse is good than the belt, and the human body is all other meridians. The up and down vertical direction, only the belongings of the belongings are surrounded, and all longitudinal veins of the waist and abdomen are all tied.

Therefore, once the veins are blocked, the waist and abdomen merids will block their intersection with the belt. The meridian is blocked, the blood is not smooth, and the waist will feel cold. If you need to keep warm, you need to keep warm, so you have a big belly, as long as you do?

The dredging belt is also simple, and it can be pinched, and it can be knocked. It can be dredies with the movement of the figure below, and a healthy abdomen is very soft, just as the figure below.

If there is a clear pain point during the dredge, this block is blocked, so it is necessary to continue, until the hand feels smooth, there is no pain.

Second: After moxibustion, there is blister, especially tired, sleep not to wake up

Many people feel particularly tired after they have finished moxibustion, always drowsy, I have been in front of moxibustion before, go home and sleep, sleep directly until ten o'clock, I feel asleep, a circle, But after waking up, the body has an unprecedented feeling.

This is because we are in moxibustion or when the body is dredger, when the body's blood, the body's blood will focus here, at the same time, because our body is weak, the body cannot generate new The blood supplement, which makes the blood volume of the original supply organ to reduce the amount of blood, and people will feel tired.

"Zhou Yi" has said "water is wet, the fire is dry, the cloud from the dragon, the wind is from the tiger", that is, a thing with the same properties will naturally be aggregated. The fire is also the same as the same way. When the human body is full of feet, under the action of the fire, it is like a huge magnet, so it will be sleepy, which is an important thing to return to normal. Performance.

So when we feel very tired, directly according to the body's instinct, you want to sleep, give yourself fully recover.

There are many friends asking this kind of tired feeling last, because everyone's physique is different, meridians are sensitive, physical health is different, so the speed of recovery is different, many people will feel when they can feel moxibustion The backache hurts, this is normal, you need to stick to moxibustion, otherwise it is a loss, this is the body's detoxification reaction, to give your body a time to adapt. Third: After the body, the body is passed out, chicken acne, gratis pain and sleep is not practical.

In addition to the abdomen and moxibustion, there is another way to use the health method, it is to play, this is also the simplest and effective way to dredger the blockbus, whether it is to shoot our hepatobust or elbow, or groin Location, many people will have different degrees of, with green, red, purple, etc., which is also the performance of the toxins in our body.

Some people have too heavy in the human body. It is red, and some people are too cold. If they will send purple, but no matter what kind of kind, I will have retreat, after four or five days, after four We can stop a few days, wait until the fade will continue to shoot and make a body.

There is also the tickness, long acne, this is usually the fire in the body, and the arm has been in the outside, and the arm is sour and pain. This is also too serious, not smooth, generally insist on shooting for a while After that, this pain will disappear.

Some people have dredged their own fragrant, and some people can't sleep well, always dream, this is always when we dredger the liver bile, because the humidity in the body is in the body, it will cause sleep. Not good, stick to the shot, etc., will be much better.

Another is that the blood of the blood is a long-term loss, the body is in a long-term tired or mentally nervous person. It will be particularly tired after the liver biliary, this kind of habit says it is retired, and it will comply with his body, sleep well. In the case, we also help our body detox messy.

We can make a whole body such as arms, legs, and back can be tapping. Where is the blocked? There is a significant dredging role, sharing three parts should be more dredging, usually don't shoot more.


There is a saying that it means that when you are tapping, it is often dredging with the liver and gallbladder. The liver is on the inside of the thigh, and the gall is in the outside of the thigh. You don't have to look at the line carefully. As long as you are in place outside, you can shoot it. Or go on our outer guides and underwear lines, you can use your hands, you can use the tools, as long as you are in place.

2. Embard, arms

You can touch your own elbow nest before the shooting. If you can touch a pain, you can shout the sound, we have to focus on it, this is most people's sputum point, lung The heart has evil, and its gas remains in two elbows. Like spring, we breathe many times when it is not smooth, often patted the elbow, which is conducive to clearing lungs.

The same lungs, the line of our arms, along the line of the lungs, can help us clear the turbidity in the lungs.

3. Back

There is a thin inch, and the life is ten years. Whether it is growing and developing children, or young or old people, they should pay attention to the dredging and maintenance of the back, and the back is the commander of the lead and the detoxification The bladder is in line with the air, and the detoxification is inseparable from the back of the back.

If the back is not good to shoot, we can use the tool, I often use this silicone silent. No matter the body, the arm, the legs, buttocks, and the back can beat it, and it is suitable. I am very suitable for us. It is a person who doesn't want to say it for a while.

Moreover, the silicone material does not cause damage to the skin, there are many convex small particles on the panel, which can stimulate the part of our phlegm, and the active.

It is also very simple to use, find the part you want to dredger, let's take a look, and force according to your own tolerance, too little dredging, no effect, it is too heavy to damage the skin. I often use this slapline to shoot the elbow, especially in spring, take a special comfort.

The intensity of shooting can be heavy, this silicone doing the bending flange is also very high, how to bend will not be bad, and it is very durable, one can be fully equipped, very affordable.

Basically, you can shoot it with this shot, you can shoot it, like a woven, back, and groin, it is not easy to use your hand to be taken.

Silicone Shot

Fourth: It is very tired after the foot of the foot.

Many people like to bubble their feet in the evening, especially during the spring, they can still warm the feet, but they feel more tired after the bubble, even more uncomfortable than when they don't bother. This is because our blood is too empty, that is, the blood supply in the body is in short supply. Sometimes you don't need a lot of exercise, excessive thinking, such as learning, reading, and work will lead to our tiredness.

And when we bubble, it is equivalent to a meridian, then what is the relationship between the exhaustion and the bottom of the foot? For a better than one, if there is an air conditioning heating in our house, when the doors and windows are closed, then the room is very fast, and the air conditioner will work very easily. But if the doors and windows are open, then the air conditioner is still desperate, and it is not warm to the room. This is that the area it heats is getting bigger.

This can be derived, when our body meridians are not passing, when the foot is not passing, it is equal to the door and window, and the body is at a low level to maintain operation. Sometimes you feel the arm, leg pain, neck hard, this is a low level operation result. And when we put the meridians dredge, the human body needs a lot of qi and blood to supply a newly opened area. At this time, the human body cannot make a lot of new blood and blood, it will cause the blood supply to our organs, people It will feel tired and tired, and it feels very tired after the above moxibustion. But after we are completely dredging, blood and blood, the cycle is getting better, these soreness is exhausted, we can feel a relaxed feeling. Generally, we have wet cold, humming, such as humming, this kind of tiredness will be particularly serious, we can join a classic square in the water in the water, to bubble, to speed up our body Wet cold, sputum dampness, dolding soup, the first to "test party, roll five" in North Zhou Yao Yumi.

"Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics": "Turma is blooming down", sputum wet belongs to turbid, it is necessary to discharge from it. "So the foot is also one of the nice ways of row these cold and cold. This formula has: 30 grams of 苓, 6 grams of half-summer, 6 grams of 枳枳, 6 grams of licorice, 6 grams of tangerine, Zhu Lu 6 gram.

First of all, use the truth to break down, in ancient times, the leader is fighting attention to the strategy. It takes the pioneer forces. It is a head array. If you want to break the humidity, you have to break the status of the originalness, Gas, starting from the lungs to the lower attack, open the gas machine of the gall.

Secondly, it is half-summer and tangerine, half-summer, plus the tangerine peel, which is equivalent to the main force, the half-summer gas machine is down, the turbid is yin, the half-summer is the sputum dampness of the medium focus. Decell, from below to discharge.

Then there is a medlar and bamboo rush, 苓 健脾 渗, bamboo queen heat, peel, after the half-summer and Chenpi put the phlegm, becomes more easily discounted, then the 苓 and bamboo Then, these wet turbids are discharged from the lower day.

Finally, moxibustion, just like and matters, reconcile these herbs, to drop the stomach, obey the liver and gallbladder, Wenyang rush, rheumatize, to adjust the body.

Dr. Guolun, a doctor, and his own unique insights.

We can match the proportion of the above, you can also use this ready-made boileble bag, we select the herb raw materials of the high-quality origin, according to the ancient match, made this dolder soup feet.

[Self-operated] Mei Fung Road is bold, soup, feet, foot bath powder foot bath

The herbs inside have been cut into small particles, and the ingredients of the ingredients are convenient. Non-woven fabrics, but also durable, you can also dissipate the strength of the herbal plant, you can smell the rich herbs. .

When using the foot bath, you can boil the foot bath in advance, accelerate the release of herbal ingredients, and then turn it half an hour, so the herbs inside is integrated into the water, then put water and foot bath You can start your feet in the foam.

The sputum is wet, each other is once in the morning and evening, and the phlegm and wet in the body can be bubbled once, and the water temperature is controlled at 45 ° C, and the foot is about 15 minutes.

Bubble every day, wait for our body, then eat some food for blood, so that you will feel so tired, we will not feel so tired.

The above four are the normal detoxification reactions of the body. Don't panic, it will go through the instinct of your body, and our body will become more and more healthy.

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