Do "reverse" movement, body more

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Professor Xu Shu Meng also deeds with many patients with bone patients, Xu Professor said "Some patients, too much attention to their discomfort, heart disease is more adversely influenced by the disease. So, a good doctor, while treating disease, Pay attention to patient potential heart disease, let the patient really 'uncomfortable'. "Uncomfortable" is the way of treatment of Xu, is also his health.

Feel comfortable

Treating a disease, it is to let the patient "uncomfortable"

For "uncomfortable", Xu Professor explained this: If you stand in this life, you can't get uncomfortable, you can't get sick, and "Treating disease is a 'uncomfortable" 'No' The word is gone, thus becoming 'comfortable'.

Psychological comfort

Strive to give it, don't be too awkward

"Shu" is disassembled, the left is "" - to be "grant" - given, together is "giving it."

"If someone wants to live comfortably, I will learn 'to go', there is '' to have 'to'." Xu Professor said that many people can't do it, they must not give others, and must not give yourself.

"People's body is better than the car, to be regularly maintained. If you wait for the scrapped, it is too late." Xu Professor said that why some people will be busy and then tired will take time to exercise because they get from sports Have fun, get healthy.

This kind of health is very important, it is the driving force for you to exercise.


Targeting, uncomfortable

"Appropriate, appropriate amount of exercise can active meat, keep the bones of the young." Professor said that human meat is like the bodyguards of the bones, can support and protect the bones.

"Now, many people don't move, say that the backache is uncomfortable, that is, there are too little exercise. There are still some exercise, leading to labor." So, how to exercise, there is paying attention.

Sports, take strength

Professor Xu likes to play badminton, even if he is busy, he holds more than an hour every Saturday afternoon, keeping a sweating one week.

"I like to grab the ball after I play, my strength is big, and the sweating is dominated. I don't win the ball. Put the sweat, the body feels very comfortable, I have exercised the body, and can explode psychological stress."

At the same time, Professor Xu also emphasized that exercise should not live, to take strength, grasp "degree", subject to self-tolerance.

Motion does not standardize or pursue some difficult movements, which will cause muscle strain and joint dislocation. If the muscle joints are uncomfortable in motion, stop immediately.

Multiple reverse movement

"Many people work for a long time, bending the hunch back, the movement is best to do, do you do the 'reverse sports'." Xu Professor said, like swimming, yoga, falling and other sports, stretching, and then Operations, stretching, etc., you can exercise into the back muscles, and you can exercise the abdomen and chest muscles.

Professor Xu has created a "muscle stretching". It is to bend and low work, and then the people who have a small amount.

"This is called 'anti-therapy'. On the side, you will do more, you need to do more side pull movements; Balance. "

Being day during the day, quiet at night

"The exercise is best to choose during the day, don't exercise at night, you should care."

After washing every morning, Professor Xu will use a few minutes to do a squat at home, and do 140 each time, let the body sweat.

"The sun is in the sun, the yang begins to act, and the exercise can borrow the profit of the day, so that the body is drifting, and the yang."

At noon rest time, Xu teach will get a deep squat, shake the action, practice the muscles. Because of one or two o'clock, the yang is the most prosperous, exercise, absorb the essence of the earth.

In the interview, Professor Xu mentioned many times to mention the importance of sunboy: "The sun is the yang. At noon, the sun is sunny, only the real day moxibustion." He suggested that people will smashed the sun, lift the inner yang, Can also promote the absorption of calcium.

"Modern people high-rise buildings, long-term living in cold environments, drying the sun, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis is very easy to make all day, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis."

Muscle stretch

Mind pain

Professor Xu Xuema demonstrates "muscle stretching", insisting on exercises can relieve the pain of the neck and shoulders!

"Eight Section of Jin" is a traditional medicine in my country, the most influential, and the most popular passage, long-term exercise, can strongly promote the bones and longevity. "Eight paragraphs" proves the importance of "gluten" organizational exercise.

However, some of the "eight paragraphs" is not suitable for certain bone injury. Professor Xu Xuemong has been studying for many years. On the basis of studying eight sections, Tai Chi, yoga and other fitness, combined with modern medicine, create a set of exercises for friends with leg-shoulder neck pain - "muscle stretching "The exercise", the exercise is fully exercised, fully exercise, fully exercise "meat" organization in the legs, waist, shoulders, and neck, the effect is excellent, and it is recommended to give friends!

Preparing: Static and scent, thoughts exclude everything; .意守 田, adjust the breath to naturally mix well, slowly spit, and work with the action. 1

Tellar stretch

Standing, the feet open, be more than the shoulder wide, the hands of the palm of the palm strokes on the lower abdomen;

Exhale, with shoulder joint as the ax, the cross-shaped cross-shaped is gradually raised to the top of the head, at this time, the palm is down;

Inversion, keep your hands cross-shaped and flip the palm up, and tie up your arms;

Express, the arms have gradually replaced to the limit position with the upper body;

Inversion, recovery.


Angular stretch

Standing, the feet open, more than the shoulder wide, the right arm is naturally placed outside the right leg, the left arm is straight upward, the palm is over;

The left arm and the head gradually presses to the right side to the limit position, and the right hand gradually moves to the right calf;

Retrieve, do the other side, this is a group.


Rotary stretching

Standing, the feet open, more than the shoulder wide, left hand down, left arm, such as Tai Chi Yunxiao to the chest, slow down;

The right arm is also like the Taiji cloud hand, and the palm is visually palm, and slowly rotates (with waist driving) to the limit;

Retrieve, do the other side, this is a group.


Overall stretch

Standing, the feet open, more than the shoulder wide, the arms are naturally sagged;

The right leg is standing, the left foot is moving forward, the foot tip point, after the palm palm chart, the cross is overlapping, high to the top of the head, and strongly drafting, and the body gradually replaces to the limit position;

Slowly recovery,

The right leg remains standing, the left foot is sliding, the foot tip point, the body is tilted forward, and the right arm is gradually raised to the shoulder level, the left arm is straight straight and raised to the limit position,

The upper body is gradually pressing down, the right foot is standing, the left foot is separated, and the arms have been straight before and after, the palm is naturally launched; keeping 30 seconds, then do the other side, this is a group.

Professor Xu Xuema teaching video

A set of "muscle stretching" can be fully stretched from the rear, lateral and overall, stretching into the muscles of knee, waist, shoulders, neck, and plays exercise, suitable for knee, lumbar, shoulder joint , Patients with diseases such as cervical spine. In addition, during the exercise process, the patient breathes Spun, which is conducive to improving the cardiopulmonary function, and there will be slight sweating, and the feelings of the gods.

No special equipment, venues, easy to learn, easy, no matter what you are working, you still take care of the elderly in the family, if you are being plagued by the leg shoulder neck disease, please try to follow the Professor, exercise every day " Myogus, pull away the legs and shoulder neck pain! ■

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