Diabetes "protect umbrella" or published, bitter gourd is not in the list, the first place, most people don't understand

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Diabetes is a typical chronic metabolic disease. In my country's 14 billion people, the number of diabetes is as high as 116 million, accounting for 1/4 of the world, and this quantity is also growing.

my country's diabetes is about 10.02%. Most patients are two-type diabetic patients with diabetes. After diet and living habits, bad eating habits and living habits are joints that lead to rising blood sugar. .

Once you have diabetes, you can't completely cure it, you can only make blood sugar smooth by taking hypoglycemic drugs and injection of insulin.

Most people have found that blood sugar will not attach importance, nor is it in mind. If you don't care for a long time, you will not only lead to getting higher and higher blood sugar, but also induce complications, you will have a serious threat to physical health.


Diabetes will appear as follows:

1, increase the number of urination

2, often thirsty

3, the appetite is good to abnormal

4, physical strength

5, weight loss

6, repeated urinary tract infection

7, repeated skin infection

8, the wound is not easy to heal

9, foot hemper lower limb pain


Diabetes "protect umbrella" or published, bitter gourd did not play, the first place, many people don't know

Bitter gourd is a common green vegetable in life, taste bitter, crisp, deeply favored by middle-aged and elderly people, but young people are very excluded. Potassium elements are contained in bitter gourd, which can help stimulate insulin secretion, and can reduce blood sugar, diabetic patients can properly eat bitter gourd to stabilize three high diseases, and help to improve immunity, and bitter gourd is also called being chronic diseases Auxiliary helper.

Although bitter gourd can reach the role of hypoglycetal, you can't just rely on bitter gourd to stabilize the condition, you can actively use medicine, regular treatment, more, or more food, or can only eat bitter gourd The hypoglycemic effect is better.

1, bitter

The nutritional value of bitter buckwheat is very high, and it has a very high medicinal value. It can help remove the wet coldness in the body by eating bitter, and can achieve the effect of nourishing kidney. Everyone may wish to use bitter bucks and bubbles. It is possible to dilute the blood concentration and enhance blood vessel elasticity.

2, tomato

Tomato can be used as a vegetable and can be fruit, tomato containing rich vitamin C, properly eat tomatoes, can help stabilize blood sugar values, and supplement nutrients for the body.

3, lettuce

Lettuce is also a common type of vegetables in life, rich nutritional value, which contains rich dietary fibers and vitamin components. After study, lettuce contain a large amount of nicotinamide ingredients, which can help improve islet cell activity, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood sugar.

4, green tea

There are many people in life, have a habit of drinking green tea. Appropriate drinking green tea can reach the role of refreshing, diabetes patients can help steady blood sugar and blood lipids, drink green tea every day, is also a non-two choice of smooth blood glucose.


In the case of an empty stomach, how much is blood sugar?

I believe that most friends know that when measuring blood sugar, it is necessary to keep an empty stomach when measuring blood sugar, mainly to more intuitively monitor the human blood sugar level, and the blood sugar will be more accurate.

The empty stamp is that the human body is not eating 8 hours, so many people will choose not to eat breakfast after getting up in the morning, and measuring blood sugar directly.

Normally, the range of fasting blood glucose should be between 3.89-6.1mol / L, everyone can determine this value when measuring blood sugar, if the value exceeds 6.1, don't be too worried, daily as possible with light diet Lord, don't avoid doing strenuous exercise, and measure it once, see if it is in the normal range.

If you find two fasting blood sugar values, it has exceeded 7.0mol / L. At this time, you should pay more attention, it may be an abnormal insuluine function, it is recommended to further check under the guidance of a doctor.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!