"Terrible" is more than sugar and salt!Three high, diabetes all find the door!You may eat every day

Sugar and salts are common indispensable flavoring agents.

And we also know that excessive consumption will induce various health problems - salt overboot, increase hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis risk; will also increase the burden of renal, damage the gastric mucosa.

Although many people have now consciously control the intake of sugar and salt in order to health. But you can know, in fact, we are hidden than the "healthy killer" than both!


Put a lot of MSG

MSG, chicken essence is a flavor that is often used in freshness, and many people like more to place more.

But some people think that MSG will cause cancer, can not eat, choose chicken better ... These ideas are right?

1 chicken and flavor, the same

In the chemical composition, both of them are sodium glutamate, all have a fake seasoning, and the function is not very different.

Just the sodium glutamate content is less than the flavor, and on the basis of monosodium glutamate, the addition of chicken or chicken noodles, fragrant, intramodamic acid, lenhenic acid, chicken flavor, starch, etc., make it more delicious.

2 MSG will not cause cancer, but eat more

At temperatures of more than 120 ° C, sodium glutamate will become sodium valley, but there is no evidence that it has caused carcinogenicity, just lose the taste.

But although monosodium is non-toxic, there is a lot of salt, and if you eat, you don't reduce the intake of other sodium salts such as salt, it is easy to exceed the standard.

The high sodium diet is easy to bring obesity, which may also increase the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

1 put it before the pan

Sodium glutamate is not easy to dissolve, the best dissolution at 70 ° C ~ 90 ° C, and the simple taste is the most.

So, whether it is a cooking, or stew, it is not advisable to premature taste, chicken, but should put it in the pan.

2 vinegar, do not add flavor

When cooking sugar vinegar, sweet and sour ribs, vinegar cabbage, etc., it is best not to add MSG, chicken.

Because MSG is heated in acidic foods, it is more likely to produce sodium pyrochemate, so that the dishes are taste.

3 control

Glutamic acid's safety intake is 30 mg per kilogram per kilogram.

Usually, when you are cooking, you can also add fresh chicken soup, mushrooms, and reduce the use of seasonings such as MSG.


Ingestion of excess food additives

In order to extend the shelf life, improve quality, increase nutrients, etc., basically processing food (like carbonated drinks, ice cream, fruit, candied, burger, can, etc.) will have food additives.

However, such food additives, as long as they do not excel, completely, according to the specified limited use, for human health is basically harmless.

However, some additives are present in a lot of food, and they will take over.

1 ubiquitous fruit syrup

From milk tea, beer, juice, to ketchup, bread, ready-to-eat wheat, there are fruit syrup, it can be said that it is really nothing.

If the glucose syrup has a sweet character, the solubility is high, the fruit is full, and it is also able to prevent corruption, the cost is still low, so there is an unstormed position in the field of food processing.

But ingestion, its harm is the biggest in all additives!

1 trigger fatty liver, diabetes

Followoral syrup in food and beverages, is liquid fructose, which will be absorbed by the human body at the fastest speed.

The decomposition metabolism of fructose is carried out in the liver. It will promote the overload of the liver, which can cause fatty liver for a long time. After people are fat, insulin resistance, causing diabetes.

2 induced gout

Fruits have a purine group in the liver metabolism, and the final product of the purine is uric acid, excess of uric acid accumulation and crystallization, which forms a gout stone.

So long-term consumption of food containing fruit glucose additives, may also cause hyperuricemia, increase gout risk.


Dairy, ham sausage, bread, cake, instant noodles, these ear cooked foods are inevitably add some preservatives due to production, storage, transportation, and maintain flavor, and propionic acid is the most commonly used preservative.

Microorganisms in the human colon can decompose dietary fiber to zepions, and act as a short-chain fatty acid that can regulate immunity, improve systemic inflammation, and reduce cardioms caused by high blood pressure.

An article published by the US "Science · Transformation Medicine" magazine said that exogenous propionic acid may result in obesity and insulin resistance.

The researchers of the Harvard University Public Health Department and other institutions have carried out a control trial of 14 healthy people. The subject was randomly divided into two groups, one of the groups of meal salts were added, and another group added placebo. .

The results show that shortly, the level of norepinephrine in the blood of the propionate group was significantly increased.

This proves that propionate may be "metabolic destroyers", potentially increasing the risk of people with diabetes and obesity.


The trans fatty acid is more resistant to high temperatures, not easily deteriorated, and improves the product holding water, and adds food crispy, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the food, so it is used in a large number of biscuits, pastries, including vegetative cream, artificial butter , Get up, salad sauce, cocoa butter, etc.

And these "artificial" trans fatty acids are a human body's non-fatty acid, excessive intake, which will cause great damage to health!

A study published in International Journal "Neurology" showed that trans fatty acids may be risk factors for the fact that all patients and Alzheimer's disease.In addition, it also increases blood viscosity, which is easy to cause atherosclerosis and thrombosis.Therefore, for health, it is best to eat less food, choose natural, less processing, while also controlling it.

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