Is it a rumor in Japan?What is "Golden Snack"?


The old people often hang a conventional saying, this sentence is a famous saying for him (she), and this saying is: the people eat food!

This sentence is that it looks a bit mess now, but this is also experienced by many of the experience, and the life of our modern people may, so there is no feeling of this sentence.

However, my country has a history of 5,000 years. In every dynasty, it is not a wind and rain every day, and in ancient times in the past, it is an ancient, farmland is a farmer's survival capital.

If you want to develop throughout the era, the most basic is to see how the peasants 'harvests, the peasants' uncle is well harvested, and the domestic will be rich, and the other is the same.


Now our tractor combine harvester fertilizers and artificial rainfall, which are seen in the field. These uses for agriculture are only the product of modern technology.

Previously, farmers' cobs wanted to have a good harvest, mainly to see the day to eat, although the harvest of the peasants is unstable, but the pursuit of food will never stop.

In the final of the Spring and Autumn Period, the philosopher Mozi at the time of the farmers at the time was in his own "Mozi," said ": Today, it is thick to the people, thinking that food, cyan, steamed, fish turtle.

The Han Izumi in the same time said in "Han Yizi · Six Anti-anti-": Today's health is also hungry, it is struggling to work hard, although the difficulty of military brigades, hunger, warm clothing food must be home .

From these two philosophers, we can see that between the delicious food and delicious food, their ideas are the same, and our 5,000-year history, many food recipes have been circulated.

From the "Shanhai" to the most complete "Shan Hai Jing" to preserve the most complete "Shanke", "the dismalment" "Old Scorpion" is not a gourmet recipe.

In the northern street lane, there are all kinds of delicious rice dishes popular in the streets of the South, and there is no reflection of the deep and thick heritage of 5,000 food culture.

Even because the epidemic is repeated, it has been greatly affected by a large impact on 2020 food consumption data, it has also been greatly improved to 821 billion yuan!

It can be seen that domestic friends can be seen for food, but with the improvement of people's living standards, many unimaginable wonderful foods have emerged in society.

Among them, there is a friend said, Japanese famous food "golden meals", when I just heard this word, I was also very confused!

In order to learn more about "golden meal", I took this question asked my friends working in Japan, but friends working in Japan told me:

The Japanese will have a 13-year-old girl, let them eat special food, then use the girl's excrement, making food to sell to people need, this is a rumor because of the secret of human excretion !

So why said "golden grain meal" is a rumor? Can the 12-year-old girl's excrement really can make food? What kind of secrets have been included in the human excrement? Let me talk about this question now!

What is the Japanese "Golden Food" in the network circulated?

At two thousands of years, a saying of circulating on the Internet has made many people believe that many people have taken a lot of people!

This is the famous Japanese "golden meal" at that time, in accordance with the common sense, a simple food, how could cause many netizens!

The reason why the netizen's hot discussion is because Japan's "golden meal" is not what we see, and this wonderful food will make us difficult to understand!

First, let's introduce the so-called Japanese "golden meal" to do, of course, from the name, we will think that it contains edible gold foil, but in fact, this kind of food and gold foil have no relationship!

According to the practice of circulating on the network, this "golden grain" must be specially required to make, and this club will have a high threshold, must be led by the people in the circle to join!

When someone succeeds in joining the club, if you are interested in "Golden Food", the club will ask the customer to pay a generous cash!

The cash will be around 81 million yen, equivalent to RMB 45 million, although this money is really expensive in our ordinary people, but for those rich people, it is not worth mentioning.

But after customers pay this huge amount of cash to the club, the club will then start the next operation, which makes us open your eyes.

When the customer has successfully paid, the club will choose a beautiful girl who is about 13 to 15 years old. These girls are not just beautiful. They are still inadvertent!

Then let the customers choose one of them. When the customer chooses, the club will tell the customer to the club after ten days, and you can enjoy the "Golden Food" ordered!

I have been revealed to us this time. It turns out that the girl selected by the customer will only drink some clear water and clubs in the next ten days. vegetarian diet.

The reasons why the club makes girls eat these foods, in order to empty the gods in ten days, when the customer came to the club after ten days later. The club will find a girl's excretine in the customer, find it suitable for cooking, then use a variety of precious seasonings!

Divide a variety of ingredients according to the customer's taste, then add edible gold foil, and so on.

Before the food is placed in front of the customer, it will be a grain shape and the size look very like a gold-grained thing, and this is a "golden meal" in the network!

Why is the Japanese "Golden Snack" rumor?

In the text, it has clearly stated that the production method of Japan "Golden Meal" is extremely unscientific, and it is impossible to make food, which is also very simple, need to be explained by the following points.

First point: excrement is not a residual food!

Whether our people are in their own excrement, I always feel that it is our previous food residue, just because there is no digestion, it will be excreted!

This idea today I can tell you that it is wrong. According to the relevant information literature, 50% ~ 80% of the excrement does not include water, which is actually a bacteria living in the intestine!

The reason why these bacteria will be excreted, because we eat those who are difficult to digest, when these food residues absorbed in the body, will be excreted outside.

Only 50% of bacteria are still survived, and 30% will die, but they are attached to not digest clean food!

This remaining 30% bacteria will be made with food residue that you can't absorb in vitro, but the bacteria exposed to air will die in the short period of time.

Of course, this is not to say that all of our excrement is just these bacteria, and there will be some cellulose in vegetables in the excrement, or the intestinal wall cell moisture that falls off during the digestion!

In addition, the color of our excrement will be dark because there is a chemical substance whose carrier is existed. This chemical substance is mainly in two ways to enter the excretion!

The first feces is a by-product of hemoglobin in red blood cells, and the feces is also from bile, while the bile is mainly used to secrete into the intestines, helping to digest fat liquid!

Second point: Differences of men and women!


In fact, according to relevant anatomical materials, men and women will have different ways to work in the gastrointestinal tract, although we usually can't feel the specific difference!

Therefore, from a physiological point of view, women's pelvic is more wide than men, in addition, due to women in the area of ​​the region.

For example, the girl will have the function of pregnant, and the boy is not! So there are some results of some organs, which makes the girl's colon will be lower than the boy's colon.

According to the information found, the girl's intestines will be about 10 cm lower than the boy's intestines. In addition, men's down hips are hard, which helps push food to gastrointestinal tract more effectively.

So this kind of physiological structure will make female friends easier abdomen, and male friends will reduce the troubles of abdominal distension!

Third point: Use special food, you can't make excretions clean!


As a modern man, the daily food will contain some touching chemicals, although from the long run, what harm will not cause the human body.

However, in all our food, it could not be pure and no added, and found according to the latest research, if we are eating food, there are plastic products orange or food wrapped with plastic products.

When we exhausted out, we will appear tiny plastic particles in the excrement. Although these tiny plastic particles are very inconspicuous, it also shows that if the human excrement will affect the taste!

Write in the last:

Therefore, I can query the information you can inquire, I can clearly say: Japan's so-called "golden meals" does not exist at all! Various messages seen on the network are completely just rumors.

In fact, as our neighboring countries, our attitude towards Japan is love and hate, hate is because of historical factors, and love is because Japan is very good for the cultural inheritance of our country.


Since Japanese dispatching Tang makes it have learned in China, many of Japan's diet cultures have also been affected. As a person who is also a food, it is a quality that we will have every person!

What do you think of it? Welcome to discuss and forward.

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