I often drink astragalus water, what will people become thin?Note: Side effects of Huanglu water, don't ignore

"I will drink Huangqi Soup, Anti-Disease Health", Astragalus as a common Chinese herbal medicine, has a strong nourishing effect, and now the health awareness is gradually impact, more and more people have begun to try to take Chinese herbal medicine To achieve the purpose of health care.

Whether it is with 枸杞, guizhi, red dates, ginger which type of Chinese herbal medicine can prevent disease and health, and maintain good health, it is said to be a three-point drug, since Astragalus belongs to Chinese herbal medicine, insist on drinking, whether it will bring it to the body Side effects?

1, improve heart function

The heart is the human body, the main function of the heart is pumping blood, transporting a continuous blood from the body to the body, some of the organs in each organism, and astragalus in Astragalus can effectively stimulate myocardial shrinkage, improve the ability of heart blood supply, accelerate The blood circulation of the whole body, timely, in addition to the impurities and waste of the blood vessels, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Adhere to drinking brunette water, there is a significant auxiliary effect on stabilizing blood lipids, lowering blood pressure, three high patients can properly drink brunette water according to the doctor's guidance, stabilize the variations of numerical values.

2, improve the body's immunity

Immunity is an important defense line of body resistance to bacterial viruses. People with immunity are not easily sick. Adhere to drinking brunette water, can effectively activate the human immune system, improve the body's metabolism, reduce the residue of pathogenic bacteria in vivo, and maintenance Health, enhancement is helpful.

3, damp and detoxification

It can also serve the effect of dampness and detoxification, modern people have more wet coldness because of often eat cold drinks, and there are more wet cold temperaments, and the moisture stacked will increase the pressure of the internal organs. It will lead to female uterus and ovaries to be cold and affect health.

4, protect gastrointestinal health

The stomach is a very important organ in the body, and it is also an important part of digestion and absorbing food. It often drinks brunette water to effectively reduce the secretion of gastric acid and protect the gastric mucosa.

Astragalus belongs to a warm medicine, insisting on drinking Huangqi water to warm the stomach, protect gastrointestinal health, prevent gastritis and gastric ulcer.

5, improve sleep quality

Under this fast-paced life pressure, more and more people have insomnia, often insomnia will increase the pressure of the internal organs, and the body will make the body extremely exhausted.

Appropriate drinking Huang water can alleviate the problem of insomnia, improve sleep quality, reduce the burden and pressure of the body.

- Case

57-year-old mother, in the first two years, due to the body's reasons early, Wang Damu, Wang Auntie at home, because the reason for long time not exercise is also getting worse and worse, often in recent days, often Back pain, smashing.

Laojiao, watching Wang Aunt, always sick, no fine, even busy with her to the nearby Chinese medicine hall inspection treatment

Mr. TCM opened a few Chinese herbal medicines for Wang Dam, including Huangqi, and Wang Damu home to take it, take medicine every day.

After insisting on drinking for half a month, Wang Aunt's physical condition is really effective to relieve it. It is an accident that Wang Mom is unexpected. It is clear that he will eat when he is peaceful. It is believed that he has a terrible disease.

Once again came to the Chinese medicine hall, Mr. Traditional Chinese Medicine heard the proud of Wang Aunt, I was busy and replied: I often drink Huangqi water to reduce the effect of weight loss, because Huangqi has the effect of pilotic edema, adhere to drinking Huang water, can be effective Exject the moisture and fluid in the body.

While excluding water and effusion, the burning and consumption of fats can also be accelerated, water and fat simultaneously discharge, people's weight will naturally reduce it, this is also the reason why Wang Aunt insists on drinking Huangqi, is not malignant. The disease is caused, but the effect of drugs.

Doctor calls: Although Huang Water can play a stable weight, it is not possible to take it as a dietary medicine. It does not reach the effect of weight loss, but will aggravate the burden of stomach, affecting physical health, want to lose weight The most accurate and healthier way, not taking the medicine to lose weight.

(1) Threatened abortion

Pregnant women in pregnancy is not suitable for drinking Huang water, because Astragalus belongs to thermal Chinese herbal medicines, the effect of proliferation of diaper edema, drinking Huangqi water during pregnancy, causing too much water in the body, recurrent amniotic fluid rupture caused first mega, increase fetus and parent The risk rate.

(2) Adding dysmenorrhea symptoms

Women during menstruation are not suitable for drinking Huangqi water, Huangqi will promote the discharge of blood, increase the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, will also increase the burden on the uterus and ovaries, I want to drink brunette water, it is best to drink after 7 days after menstruation, for health Be sure to keep in mind.

(3) Intestinal inflammation

Although Huang Qi must pay attention to drinking, the daily juvenile intake is best not to exceed 5 ~ 8 grams, drink 2 ~ 3 cups a day, if you drink too much yellow water in a long time, it will lead to heat accumulation, induction The liver is strong, and the burden on the gastrointestinal gas is also increased, and gastrointestitis is induced.

(4) affect growth

The child is not suitable for drinking Chinese herbal medicines, especially Huangqi, and the temperatures of thermostat will aggravate the burden of the child's internal organs, affecting the growth development of children.

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