These bad habits are quiet "stealing" your calcium?This tip is please harmit!

We always let the old people make more calcium, but this matter is not the "exclusive" of middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, people have been around 30 years old, the calcium value of the human body reaches the peak, then the loss speed of calcium will accelerate, so the calcium is not ignored by this young people.

According to the monitoring of nutrition and health status of Chinese residents (2010 ~ 2012), 96.6% of the crowd intake is insufficient, with an average intake of 364.3 mg, which is less than half of the Chinese nutritional society.

And some bad habits are quiet "stealing" your calcium.

1, eat salty

The calcium in our body is accompanied from sodium from urine. It is more salt, and the urinary sodium is increased. At the same time, the amount of urine calcium is also increased, and the calcium of the body also lost.

Therefore, "less salt = more supplemental calcium" is not a falsehood in the case of appropriate intake of sodium.


Buy a controlled salt spoon, put less salt (adult more than 6 grams per day);

Prevent the "hidden salt", they will be hidden in chicken, monosodium glutamate, chili sauce, shrimp skin, words plum, potato chips, etc.

2, hiding the sun

Long-term, no sun will cause lack of vitamin D in vivo (it is difficult to supplement vitamin D), affecting calcium absorption.


Between 10pm to 3 pm, sun drying arm and legs, 5 ~ 30 minutes each time, 2 times a week;

It can be in the shade, but it is not recommended to clean the sun in the sun, the latter can cause skin synthesis vitamin D effect;

Lisou: To avoid tanning, you can sunk the neck and hands, while other parts can be covered with clothing.

3, picky food

There are many people in reality, and the calcium content of meat is low in food. However, if only consuming vegetables, the high protein is insufficient, and low-protein diet will affect bone growth and bone mass.


Adults eat 40 ~ 75 grams of water products every day, 40 to 75 grams of livestock and poultry, 40 to 50 grams of eggs. Basic equivalent to a witty of a hand, a hand of a palm of the palm and an egg.

4, too little exercise

Reduce the amount of exercise is also an important reason for osteoporosis. The development of skeletal needs a certain mechanical strength support. Now people, go out of the car; when you work, you are sitting in front of your computer; go to the day, just want to rely on the bed or nest in the sofa to sleep, rarely go out, causing insufficient bone.


Adults have a medium-to-medium intensity physical activity every week, accumulating more than 150 minutes; preferably 6000 steps per day.

Medium intensity physical activity, this activity requires some power, but it can be easily speech, feel a little tired, such as quick walk, dancing, playing tennis, wipe windows, towards the floor, hand washing large clothes.

5, excessive intake of carbonated drinks

In order to let the little child drink some carbonated drinks, the parents will always be joking, drink can be happy, be careful to put the bones! However, this is not a joke.

Studies have shown that carbonated beverages have certain effects on bone health, so the carbonated beverage is recommended to drink less.


Drink more boiled water instead of carbonated drinks;

If you don't like it, you can add a little lemon, sour orange, etc. in the water.

6, smoking, drink

Smoking is one of the risk factors of osteoporosis. A large number of studies have shown that smoking can make bone peaks, and the bone density is lowered; drinking will cause liver function damage to cause vitamin D metabolism.


The most simplicity is directly quit. Drink a drop, smoke a smoke, and it is also harm to the body.

7, superstition fake high calcium food

The fake high calcium food, although it does not directly lose calcium, it will make people get into astray of calcium supplementation.

For example, the bone soup, the calcium in the bones is much more stable, and there is not much measure to dissolve into the soup. There is only a few milligrams per 100 ml, no one tenth of milk.

Calcium in shrimp is very high, but only a few grams of shrimp skin each time, and the calcium in the form of the composite in the shrimp skin is difficult to absorb, so it is really unreliable.


I want to make calcium, I have to eat food that really calcium calcium.

It is recommended to choose milk and its products (such as yogurt, cheese), soybean and its products (such as Northern Tofu, South Tofu), some deep green vegetables (such as small cabbage, greens), etc.

Some dark green vegetables (such as: small rapeseed, mustard can be more efficient than the milk, it is best to eat half a catty every day!

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!