"Read Guangzhou" Lin Dingkun: Guangfu Character Culverts Lingnan Chinese Medicine

Last month, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the list of the latest 岐 黄 scholars to support the project candidate, Professor Lin Dingkun, director of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, became one of the four plays in Guangdong.Lin Dingkun continued to be busy in the clinic, patiently answer the doubts for the patient, eliminating the pain, and remained the knowledge of the scientific knowledge of the team from time to time, publicize the knowledge of the protection of spinal health.Adhering to the tradition of Lingnan bone injury doctor "medical martial arts", he is not only the "holy hand" of the bone injury, or the "martial arts master" of Jingwumen; he has a lot of medical skills, innovation.Improvement techniques, can also be able to hold the leaf knife in a shadowless lamp; in health care, the original "Lin's fitness eight-section" also is popular.In Lin Dingkun's view, Chinese medicine is life, and Lingnan bone wadpa is deeply rooted in the open inclusive, peaceful and pragmatic.

Text / Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter Zhou Jieying

Video / Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter Liao Xueming

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