The body is "pain" in the body, which is likely to be uremia, accounting for 1 to check early!

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When it comes to uremia, many people feel that it is far from us, it is not. "Willow Knife" studies said that there are about 250 million patients with chronic nephropathy in my country, and adult chronic nephropathy is as high as 10.8%, of which 2% may have uremia.

Urine is the end of the kidney disease, it can be said that it is a disease that is unhautical. Once you have, you can only dialysis until the kidney is changed, or until death.

Why is "uremia" more and more? Two things are uremia "catalyst", see if you are in the trick:

1, "eat" uremia

Modern people have rich eating, food eating varies, but the diet is lacking reasonable, more intake of sorghum food, as well as high salt food, will accelerate uremia.

Gantogenic food will increase the increase in uric acid in the body, not only easy to induce the breeze, but also severely hurt the kidney, causing nephritis, kidney stones, and even acute renal failure.

There are also people to abuse drugs, often said: "It is a three-point poison!" Abuse drug, the damage to the kidney will be more serious, and it is long-term, chronic damage.

2, "Drag" uremia

Urotoxia is not a chance, many chronic diseases are uremia, if it is unfavorable, and then dragging, it will lead to kidney damage.

Just like diabetes and hypertension, it is the "guided fire" of uremia, diabetes can cause complications, leading to diabetic nephropathy, and finally deteriorate into uremia;

Hypertension can lead to renal fibrosis, forming irreversible kidney damage, and trigger uremia. Therefore, once you have chronic diseases, it is best to actively treat.

Urotoxia is not a sudden result, but the result of continuous damage of kidney cells, when 90% of kidney cells are permanently necrotic, will become uremia.

If the body is "pain", check it out early!

Part 1, headache

Clinically, uremia patients will have a frequent headache, sleepiness, fatigue, etc., mainly because of the influence of toxins, human brain nerve cells will cause disease, which is likely to lead to a headache and tired feeling of patients.

Part 2, urine pain

The body will discharge harmful substances and toxins through urine, and the kidney is an important organ to decompose toxins. If it is uremia, there may be pain when urinating, because the kidney has been damaged, the urine is difficult to discharge in time;

Second, because urine is too serious, there will be pain phenomena in urine, which is also a signal that is a warning.

Part III, chest pain

If you have uremia, the cardiovascular will be considerably harm, because the toxin cannot be excreted, causing the circulatory system to be overwhelmed, and more than 90% of uremia patients, the final cause of death is the coronary heart disease that cannot be improved, heart failure.

Therefore, the patient will have a chest pain, and the high blood pressure is high, and the heart is getting worse, the sustained chest tightness, air promotion, and the palpitations cannot improve.

Part four, low back pain

Talking: The waist is the kidney, the kidney is not good, it will be in the waist. When urocemia, the patient will have a low back pain and waist and knees.

This is because the kidneys cannot discharge toxins in time, the burden of the kidney is heavy, but it is possible to express it in low back pain.

Therefore, when you appear as the above four abnormalities, you must go to the hospital to check as soon as possible.

Prevent uremia, maintain the kidneys, remember "four must, two bogey":

"Four Guide":

1, to drink kidney tea

It is dirty to use water to wash it, the kidneys are hidden, but also use water to rush, usually drink more water, drink tea, can help kidney detox, reduce the burden of kidney.

Jade dragon tea

Formula: Take the dragon must, jade, dandelion, and roses are made, and hot water is bold.

The dragon must be the folk corn, there is a role in protecting the liver and protects kidney detoxification. Studies have shown that the dragon must enter the kidney, bladder, with diuretic, gallbladder, etc., can improve nephritis edema, urinary infection, etc., and is also used to treat chronic nephritis or nephrotic syndrome.

Jade, not greasy, no cold, nourish blood, compatibility with wind and heat, help nourishing kidney yin, allowing kidney yin to enhance the kidney function.

Dandelion is the best detox grass, which can cause heat to help kidney detox, reduce the burden of the kidney, and anti-inflammatory sterilization, through urine scouring, reducing urinary tract infection.

The use of roses is used, can be adjusted and tea.

2, to prevent urinary tract infection

Early symptoms of urinary system are urinary tract infections, there are symptoms such as burning and urinary urinary urinary frequency, and it is easy to cause bacterial infections, damage the kidneys, and uremia.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the underwear, drink plenty of water, reduce the opportunity of infection.

3. Timely check the kidney function

Kidney disease is generally not itchy, the incidence is more hidden, only to the hospital for detailed examination, urine test, blood biochemical, etc. can be further confirmed.

Bloodyhydride is one of the top programs that determine the kidney function. If the blood creatinine concentration is raised, the renal function is incomplete.

Remember, only when the kidney loss is more than 50%, blood creatinine will increase significantly.

4, take full rest

Whether it is uremia or nephropathy patients, there is a need to ensure sufficient rest, and pay attention to nutritional supplements, adjust these habits, maintain adequate sleep time every day, good sleep habits can improve physical fitness, can control diseases Role. It can also improve the human immunity and help the disease.

"Two taboos":

1, avoid smoking wine

Smoking drink is a lot of men who are inseparable from food, but tobacco and alcohol has been set to first-class carcinogens, can hurt the liver and kidney.

Nicotine in the tobacco will make people's nerves are excited, accelerate the blood pressure rise, the heart rate is fast, and the blood pressure is not good, the renal function will be damaged;

Will drink a large amount of wine in a large number of bodysucleases increase the inner uric acid, which is easy to induce hyperuricemia, resulting in chronic kidney disease, which will cause uremia.

2, avoid urine

Our urine will be stored in the bladder before no discharge, when urinary, the bladder will be forced to expand.

If the "bladder" is extremely expanded long long, the urine with bacteria cannot be discharged in time, it is easy to cause urinary tract infections, bacteria retrograde to the kidney, will cause more serious nephritis, even tired and renal function.

Therefore, there must be timely discharge, so as not to take out internal injuries.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!