Purple's latest effect, it protects the thrombosis, blood lipids, coughs!

Have you heard of Zi Su? Ziwu is both a vegetable vegetable, and it is also a Chinese herbal medicine. It is a treasure of Ziwu, which can treat a variety of diseases. It can use it to solve it with a small problem. What are the benefits of Zi Su to our body? What disease can I treat? how to use? Today, Xiaobian will come to talk to everyone, let's take a look.

[Legend of Ziwu]

It is said that in the Jiujiu Chongyang Festival, Hua Wei took the apprentice to a wine shop, saw a few teenagers to eat crabs in the competition. After a while, the teenagers suddenly said that their stomach pain was very powerful. The boss of the hotel was frightened. At this time, Hua Yu showed his own doctor's identity, and told the apprentice to dig some purple grass to eat. Several teenagers have eaten Zi Su, and the stomach is not hurt. Hua Wei's apprentice asked how to know how these purple leaves can cure crabs. Hua Wei told the apprentice, once, Hua Wei went to the medicine, seeing a otter is very uncomfortable, I have a little purple grass, and it will be fine. This is because fish and crabs are cold, while the purple leaf is warm, and it can be detoxified with purple leaves. The apprentice suddenly opened. Since then, Hua Yi made a pellet with purple leaves and disappeared. Because this purple leaf is very comfortable to eat in the belly, I called Zi Shu, and later evolved into purple.

[Ziwu's nutritional value]

Ziwu's full plants have a high nutritional value, which has low sugar, high-fiber, high ja lum, high mineral elements. Among the tender leaves, anti-aging SODs were as high as 106.2 micrograms per mill roll. There is a large amount of grease in the purple seeding, the oil is as high as 45%, and the oil contains 62.73% linolenic acid, 15.43% linoleic acid, 12.01% oleic acid. The protein content in the seeds accounted for 25%, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, wherein the content of lysulid, methionine is higher than that of high protein plant. In addition, there are grains, vitamin E, vitamin B1, glycol, phospholipids, and the like.

[Ziwu's medicinal value]

Sexual taste: Xin, temperature.

Return: into the lungs, spleen.

Indications: published, cold, qi, and camp. Treat a cold, cold, cold, cough, asthma, chest and abdomen, fetal movement is uneasy. And can solve the fish crab. It is used to cold cold, fever, cold, headache, sessate, compatible, cough or chest tightness.

Dosage: Oral: Jiantang, 2 ~ 3 money. External use: Take it or fry.

Taboo: Temperature and weakness taboo.


"Materia Medica": ''

[Purple Efficacy]


Purple oil significantly inhibits the incidence of cancer drugs caused by chemical carcinogens, reducing the weight and volume of tumors, and prolonging tumors.


It is determined that Zi Sui contains rich vitamin C, potassium, iron, etc., but also contains rich unsaturated fatty acids, which have the effects of normally playing immune function, alleviated allergic dermatitis and pollenism. Studies have also found that superaglass effect is similar to Suya, and SUT can also be used for skin disease treatment.


Experiments confirmed that purple oil can inhibit the free group of platelets and serotonin, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of thrombosis and has antithrombotic effects.

Enhanced memory

Animal experiments have shown that purple oil can promote the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in mice, regulate the level of monoamine neurotransmondaria in mice, which can make mice have a significant reduction in the number of mice, and the correct rate of waterfill is significantly improved. The time is shortened, and the raw reflection ability of the rats is increased, and the correct response rate for the brightness discrimination learning experiment is significantly increased. That is to say, edible purple leaves are beneficial to improving people's memory capabilities.


Silic acid substances in Suiye can play asthma by alleviating smooth muscle spasm; in addition, in its anti-allergic process, it can also be cough aunt by alleviating inflammatory reactions.


If you are bitten by mosquitoes, you can also pull fresh purple leaves, apply it.


Ziwu can also treat bad breath, better than the chewing gum, and Purple and white peony etc.

Blood fat, anti-aging

The linolenic acid substances rich in signs are one of the effective ingredients of blood lipids; the flavonoids in the purple Sus can affect anti-oxygen free radicals and superoxide anions, with anti-aging.

[Ziwu's health to eat]

Zi Su's nutritional value is rich in nutrients, and it is a very good kind of food and soul, and some of the elderly friends often eat some purple Soviet, which is very good for our health. The following small series recommends several purple edible methods, interested friends can try to make it at home, let's take a look.

Zi Su Tea

METHODS: Wash the drainage of 6 grams of purple Sushui, put it into the cup with boiled water, put it in a white sugar as tea.

Efficacy: prevent colds, chest and abdomen.


METHODS: Take 300 grams of fresh purple leaves, boiled into boiling water pot, remove the squeezing section, add toner, mix well.

Efficacy: This dish is suitable for colds, cold and fever, cough, asthma, chest and abdomen, etc.

Fish shrimp crab

Method: In the fried auditors, the fish and shrimp crab, put a few pieces of purple leaves, one side of the purple Sushui has a fragrant smell, making the food taste more delicious, and on the other hand, detoxification, sterilization.

Efficacy: The purple pothascedehyde in purple ruts has strong sterilization and detoxification. In Japan, people often use purple leaves for the dish dish, which is also used to prevent eating cold food poisoning. [Zi So home wonderful square]

Zi Su is very well planting, usually some of the purple sows in the home can be found, and many common small problems can also be solved. The following small series introduces a small party of several purple homes, and the following cases can try it, the effect is good.

1, used for cold

10 grams of purple leaves, 5 onion, 3 ginger, and fried warm clothes.

2, used for external wind cold headache

10 grams of purple leaves, 6 grams of cinnamon, 5 onion, Shuijianbi.

3, used for acute gastroenteritis

10 grams of purple leaves, 10 grams of musk, 6 grams of tangerine, 3 ginger, Shuijianbi.

4, used for chest stuff, hiccup

15 grams of purple stem, 6 grams of tangerine peel, 3 ginger, Shuijianbi.

5, used for pregnancy and vomiting vomiting

15 grams of purple stem leaves, 3 grams of Huanglian, Shuijianbi.

6, used for edema

20 grams of purple supper, 1 garlic, 15 grams of old ginger, 15 grams of winter melon skin, Shuijianbi.

7, used in cynomotable

30 grams of purple leaves, 3 ginger, fried soup.

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