A common kind of herbal medicine in rural areas can cure all diseases, known as "medicine king"

In our lives, there are many wildflowers, including Chinese herbal medicine near nature, because of our lack, ignore this most precious herbal medicine.

Today, I will introduce you to the mountains who grow in our rural areas. It is a bloody grass, which is a blood rogue. This grass is like his name, the leaves look very sharp look, but the most precious is the root of this blood corrow grass, Because of this root, blood corrow grass is called '' Drug King ''.

It is a very unique herb, its leaves are pointed, with gears, and there will be blood red floral bones, called "Blood Crops", very image. Blood and corn grass is very extensive, almost all of our provinces in our province, is also known as a native of mountain king, accounting for a huge, growing, and it is very appreciative Chinese herbal medicine.

This blood-corrugated grass is recorded in the review of the Materia Medica, and people who know medicine must know that this blood corn grass has the effect of hemostasis, clearing heat and detoxification, swelling pain relief, this blood circulation of traditional Chinese medicine is the root, tasteful, There is a good effect on the blood of the blood, and also has the effect of diarrhea. For tuberculosis, chronic inflammation, eczema is very good, in the summer, the hot season, we can intercept the root, soak drink, It can be clear and hot, but also a good partner in the summer.

In fact, this blood corn grass is called the land in Chinese medicine, but non-toxic, it is a good helper for liver, protecting kidney, clearing lungs, and attending blood, urinary blood, vomiting blood, ulcer swelling, eczema, burns, The snake insect bites after the poisonous and so on, so, in our mouth, it is called "Drug King".

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