Natural "thorn king" found, insistence, blood vessels are not blocked, not hard, cerebral infarction does not

Speaking of three high diseases, I believe everyone is very familiar, mainly to high blood fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, which is also a common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, mainly the daily diet is not paying attention to there is a certain relationship.

Moreover, for some three high people, if they do not regulate in their daily lives, they will lead to an increase in the incidence of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

So in life, you must pay attention to appropriate improvements, learn to regulate diet, especially the following foods, and advise you still don't touch.

Bran: In life, I believe that many people like to eat some bacon, and the taste of bacon is better, but also the role of the meal, but like bacon, the fat content is very high.

Moreover, during the manufacturing process, not only the large amount of additives will be added, but too much salt is added, thereby causing an increase in sodium elements.

If you eat a lot, you will cause blood pressure to rise, and you will also increase the chance of the upper cerebral infarction. It is not conducive to the body, so it's like this kind of food, advise you or hurry to avoid the mouth is good, even if you have to hold back.

Hot pot: In life, I believe that many people love not to release the hot pot, and the hot pot is also very delicious, and the materials are also relatively more, but the hot pot has such food, which contains too much fat.

A large amount of eating, it can also result in the occurrence of blood lipids, and the purine content is relatively high, and too much to eat, it will also cause diabetes, high uuria, and harm your health.

So, like this food, advise you still so far away, so maybe a smooth three high, stay away from cerebral infarction.

High sugar food: In life, I believe that many people are difficult to resist temptation, and they can eat some sweets, but also make mood pleasure, but too much high sugar food, not only causes obesity.

It will also cause abnormal blood lipids, which will cause hyperglycemia and high blood lipids, and will also aggravate the chances of upper cerebral infarction, which is not good for health.

So, like this kind of food, advise you still taboo, maybe it will help to fall three high, and the cerebral infarction will not attack from the break.

Concentrated tea: In life, for some people with high blood pressure, like strong tea is also controlled, especially black tea, because the tea is relatively high in black tea, a lot of drinking, will cause brain excitement .

This will cause the problem of abnormal brain, it will not only lead to an abnormal blood pressure, but also increase the chance of suffering from the upper cerebral infarction, not good for physical health, so advise you still hurry, maybe there is no self-breaking.

Black fungus: Black fungus is a common ingredient in life. It is very rich in nutritional value, especially in the rich colloid, can adsorb blood vessels, garbage, and keep intravascular.

Therefore, like a black fungus is also known as a natural thrombolytic king. If you adhere to edible, you can help increase vascular elasticity, exclude toxin garbage, prevent thrombosis, and cerebral infarction will not mention.

Soybean: Soy is a food containing rich lecithin and a variety of trace substances, not only can displace grease, but also reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood and triglyceride.

Therefore, like soybeans, it is also known as a natural thrombolytic king. If you adhere to edible, you can help prevent blood vessels, but also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, so that your blood vessels are not passing, not hard, cerebral infarction Will you do not.

Tomatoes: In fact, in daily life, for some three high people, insist on eating some cherry tomatoes is also a good choice, which contains rich tomatoin, which promotes blood circulation.

Reduce platelet aggregation to help reduce cholesterol content, while also improving vascular elasticity, protecting vascular health, preventing blood vessel clogging, away from cerebral infarction.

Today's sharing is here, I still remember more clothes, I hope you will exercise, resist cold, good health, and you will see it.

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