The effect and role of burdock tea, burdock tea can't eat together

Burdock tea is made of the roots of Chinese herbal burdock, the burdock is cold, the taste, Xin, the return to the lungs and the heart, with clear heat detoxification, spindle, etc., can be used for sore throat, wind and heat Auxiliary with colds, eczema, soda, cough, and other diseases. Auxiliary different diseases can be matched with different drugs, such as the auxiliary throat swelling, can be used with codes, slabs, licorice, mint and other drugs, the auxiliary measles can be used with burdock, 荆, 蜕, mint, etc. drug. Let's take a look at the efficacy and role of burdock tea. Burdock tea can't eat!


The efficacy and role of burdock tea

1. Help the blood pressure, the fibers in the burdock can help the human organs to digest, promote colorectal motility, dietary fibers have absolute sodium capability, with the renal, urethra, which greatly reduces the sodium content of the human body. At the same time, it can also improve the appetite, increasing the appetite of people, helping blood sugar reduction.

2. Eliminate acne, acne is called acne belonging to a chronic inflammatory skin disease, mainly for most adolescents. Such as the human body lacks vitamins or mineral elements and hyperchromatitis has excessively secreted a large number of sesame, blocking the hair follicle catheter to make the sebum can not be discharged. A large amount of acne propionate is propagated to cause inflammatory long acne. The burdock containing rich vitamins can supplement the nutritional regulation of the human body to eliminate the breeding of acne. It is recommended to eat a spicy food while purchasing a sulfur soap to wash your face.

3. Enhance immunity, in which burdock components contain a large amount of protein, vitamin, carotene, etc., these nutrients are very helpful to the human body. Can promote metabolism of cells and regulate the human body to resist bacterial viruses. Eat more, there will be the effect of improving human immunity and beauty beauty.

4. Promotes the blood circulation, mucus, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid in the burdock, has a function of enhancing the expansion of vascular toughness in medicine. Blood cycles can be promoted while preventing high blood pressure.


Burdock tea can't eat with what

First, you can tell you a little, as a nourishing ingredient, common fruit and vegetable food does not have ingredients with him. It is only the effect of evacuating the wind, swelling and detoxification, so it is necessary to eat spicy food when you eat, but you will not have any effect on the human body, but you can't make it better to play the effect of burdock. Therefore, most Chinese medicine will ask us to avoid spicy.

Of course, it is not all of the crowds suitable for edible burdock, although it is one of the nourishing medicines, it has the role of promoting blood circulation, so pregnant women should be cautious during pregnancy. Moreover, the arrest is relatively heavy, the maternal or female in the menstrual period, even people who go together, it is best not to eat a lot, the stomach is not very good, and the people who often diarrhea should also control the amount, it is best to use the burdock as a auxiliary ingredient Add to the soup.

In addition, people with contact dermatitis or easy to get eczema should also try to avoid burdock. Although burdock has the benefits of improving their immunity, people suffering from such diseases are easy to pass through, once they eat burdock this cold Larger alkaline foods, it is very likely to aggravate the condition, usually want to eat related dishes must be paid, don't delay.

Although there is no special food that is not able to eat with it, but still say that when using burdock, especially when drinking burdock tea, it is best not to be with pepper, because the pepper is more exciting, it is easy to cause some discomfort Reaction.

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