Huangqi bubble water, "five drinks four do not drink"!Drink a cup of symptoms, small hairy is going through!

Astragalus is a common Chinese herbal medicines in our daily lives, I believe we no stranger to astragalus. Astragalus is loved by the Chinese people a tonic herbs, it is a deficiency of good things, not only can improve the physical condition of Qi, also can enhance physical fitness, and beauty.

But many people may not understand and, astragalus is not for everyone. Today to talk about Astragalus soaked and everyone, in the end what "four do not drink" and "Five will drink."

Astragalus soaked drink four


And kidney, heat, toxic heat flaming drink

If patients with kidney, heat and toxic heat flaming, it is best not to take Astragalus soaked, because not only can not make the body back to health, but will be worse.


Menstrual drink

Menstrual period is also not taking astragalus water, or would adversely affect menstruation as well as the body.


Do not drink cold and fever

Cold and fever patients do not take astragalus may affect relieve cold symptoms or fever.


Pregnant drink

Women during pregnancy taking astragalus also need special attention, because most likely cause skidding, causing harm to the fetus and pregnant women, especially in the third trimester of the mother is in need of special attention.

Astragalus soaked five will drink

Serious state of coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are all Qi and Blood, is also a common cause of aging and death, but at the time of treatment, often only pay attention to the blood circulation, ignored the importance of qi.

Qi is the source of all diseases, it can lead to bronchitis, asthma, atrophic gastritis, gastroptosis, uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, myocardial ischemia, osteoporosis, memory loss, so weak, organs dysfunction and so on. Therefore, middle-aged friends must pay attention to qi.


High blood pressure will drink

Many patients with hypertension, especially in elderly patients, it is easy to appear the case of lower body edema, Astragalus drink water can play a very good elimination of edema, blood pressure lowering effect.


Diabetes will drink

Patients with diabetes generally have edema, sallow complexion of the case, astragalus can drink some water, if the case appears to have ulcers, and that coupled with the Kudzu, red peony, salvia effect will be better.


Psoriasis will drink

Psoriasis Psoriasis commonly known, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Astragalus can with Angelica, habitat and Tribulus terrestris, Four Herbal preparations thirty grams each, and then twice with Shuijianbi, drink once a day sooner or later, can effectively treat the disease.


Spleen Qi will drink

The benefits of drinking water have a lot of Astragalus, which also includes the treatment of spleen deficiency syndrome. Common spleen-deficiency disease mainly for human mental fatigue, shortness of breath, phlegm and so the situation. The Jianshui Codonopsis and Radix Astragali administered together, Atractylodes, Poria, etc., can be an effective treatment of deficiency.


Cardiovascular disease will drink

Astragalus do have a cardiac blood pressure, the role of anti-arrhythmia, heart attack, angina, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure patients a day with about thirty grams of astragalus decoction tea with future generations, or together with wolfberry, Codonopsis and other herbs soaked with drink can effectively protect the cardiovascular system.

Astragalus qi most common, effective and cheaper

Astragalus, after thousands of tests, whether it is used to treat or routine health care, are blindly Zhuoqun effect of drugs, embroidered Qing Dynasty palace called it "the most qi various drugs"!

Astragalus medicinal than 2000 years of history, it is widely used, its most important role is tonic, Qi solid form, water swelling profits, but also protect the liver, care drugs abscess, can effectively reduce blood viscosity , dilation of blood vessels, reduce thrombosis, lower blood pressure, regulate cardiac power, two-way regulation of blood sugar and other functions.

Astragalus, also known as ginseng, and its role is similar to ginseng, are qi. But Ginseng is nourishing, rapid action. Astragalus relatively mild, and stronger than the effect of ginseng solid form, the drug most commonly used qi.

Astragalus has three salient features


Qi is very good

Should say and American ginseng, heterophylla comparison, the effect of qi Astragalus favorably.


Taste very good

We often say "good medicine tastes bitter," but not for the astragalus is applicable, both qi is a good medicine, but it also is not so bitter medicine.


Very cheap

Astragalus delicious effect is good and cheap, is suitable for people qi medicine. For Qi, shortness of breath, colds, easy sweating friends, often eating Astragalus is a good choice.

Eat four basic, simple and convenient


Dry chewing

When you put Astragalus, like seeds, chew in his mouth, astragalus taste very good, like a kind of bean fragrant feeling.


Brown tea

Astragalus sheet 5 to 10 grams, with boiling water directly brewing, foam cover 10 to 20 minutes, as a tea. If you want to taste a more thorough astragalus, can be repeated brewing.



15 grams of astragalus, Codonopsis 10 grams, 100 grams of rice stems, jujube 30 grams of Radix Codonopsis and Radix Astragali with first Jianshui juice, jujube and rice stems and put together porridge, tasty, edible suitable for women.



If normally like to eat pork, duck, etc., you can put the right amount of Astragalus, taste more unique, you can also play a tonic effect, the effect is very good.

Taking astragalus best match party


Astragalus wolfberry +

Effective anti-aging: Wolfberry rich LBP, β- carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids, these substances have good antioxidant effect. Improve sleep quality: wolfberry are suitable for consumption throughout the year, regular consumption can improve physical health, poor quality of sleep, difficulty falling asleep and other sleep problems have a role in mitigation.

Improve memory: medlar is called "wisdom fruit", accompanied by Astragalus can not only improve brain memory, but also improve learning ability, for students and office workers drunk.


Astragalus Angelica +

Relieving pain: Many sister is not normal menstruation, dysmenorrhea and various gynecological diseases, Astragalus Angelica bubble drink, not only to eliminate gynecological inflammation, but also allow normal menstruation, reduce pain.

Arteriosclerosis: When the return is possible to effectively suppress arteriosclerosis, while also promoting good growth in red blood cells in the blood, nourishing the blood.


Astragalus + honeysuckle

Detoxification: honeysuckle medicine is detoxification, which aromatic cold Gan, Gan Hanqing heat without Shangwei turn through up Quxie aromatic, and solution menu dampness.

Chronic kidney disease: Astragalus and honeysuckle in the treatment of various types of kidney disease, it can be said drugs are a perfect match right.

Pruritus: honeysuckle drunk water can effectively relieve skin itching.


Astragalus Salvia +

Chest Pain Palpitations: Now large young work pressure, often feel chest tightness, breathing less smooth, drink a few times HuangqiDanshen soup can be a good relieve this symptom.

Inhibition of proliferation: HuangqiDanshen used together inhibit hyperproliferative fibroblasts.

Fight thrombosis: obesity and the elderly, it is prone to blood clots, Salvia drink water, to remove garbage vessel wall, smooth blood vessels, reducing the formation of blood clots.


American ginseng Astragalus +

American ginseng and astragalus are equipped qi tonic effect, as American ginseng also has nutrition myocardium and enhance myocardial function, so that American ginseng astragalus tea also can be treated as a secondary share myocarditis.

American ginseng tea Astragalus efficacy complementary, regular consumption can enhance immune function, lower blood pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a good conditioning effect.

Usage: ginseng and Astragalus 3 grams, 300 ml water can soak health tea pot, after drinking water for 10 minutes, and water can be added to tea, until tasteless water-based.

"People live in one breath," which adequate tone, not invade evils, the evil within chaos. Good use of astragalus, disease and sickness!

Astragalus "five drink four drink", we must remember the simplicity, need to be distributed to people around!

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!