This mouth is equal to eating "frost", some parents don't understand, doctors: the spleen has been "bad"

During the Spring Festival, the king of leadership took a family of three back to the old family. His daughter is 7 years old. Although only 7 years old, it seems that it is more short than others, but there is no such height of this age. Weight, and the king's husband and wife are not short.

Wang Ge is also helpless, saying that the child doesn't know when it starts, I don't love to eat, even if I eat, I feel that I don't have long meat, and the old man at home is also good for children. I often blege soup to children. Drink, but I haven't used it, so this year, the floral is thin and the leather bag, and the usual king's work is also busy, and I have not been able to take my children to persist.

So, in the New Year holiday, take a child to the hospital for a detailed examination, after a detailed examination of the doctor, I learned that the original expression has been eating for a long time, resulting in weakness of the spleen and stomach, causing the bad nutrition absorption, so this One year, the child is equal to "white eating".

After further talking, the doctor told the king, in fact, the child had a long-term diet, there is a big relationship with daily diet, especially if there are some food, the child will eat less, once it eats, it is easy to cause food.

1, fried food

The food fragrance after the fried, many children like to eat, but this kind of food has more oil, and the child is only a little, it is easy to cause too much oil to remain in the stomach, causing indigestion, long-term, very Easy to eat.

2, sweet

Children really like to eat sweets, because eating sweets can make people feel happy, especially some candy, chocolate cakes, etc., are the favorite of children, eat proper amounts of sugar, in fact, it is conducive to spleen and stomach, if it is a lot If you enter, you will also cause food, and now there are a lot of sweets and other additives in many sugar, which is very large.

3, Daqi Soup

Many parents may all be the same as Wang Ge. Looking at the child is not developing, I will prepare a variety of big tackles to the child. In fact, this is completely unwind. If the child is a spleen and stomach weak, then you drink and make useless, just the so-called "virtual Not rebuilt, and will also increase the spleen and stomach digestion, so that food is more serious.

4, pickled food

When the child preliminary food, the most obvious performance is that the appetite is not good. Many parents may give children some pickled foods. This kind of food is relatively heavy, and it may open the child's appetite, but once the intake is too much, it is easy to harm The stomach mucosa causes a diarrhea.

Every child is easy to eat, this is not a big problem, but if the parents don't understand, some basic symptoms that don't understand food, so long-term, the child's development will also be affected.

1, the tongue is thick, and there is also a sour mouth after brushing;

2, the appetite is weak, the appetite is deteriorated, often pick the food is anorexious, even if it is the food you like, it has also become don't like to eat;

3, sleeping at night is not practical, I like to sleep, and I will have a mouthful, sweating;

4, the stool is not smooth, there is constipation, and some will repeated diarrhea;

5, serious food, will also decline in immunity, and the development is blocked.

Parents must pay attention to the problem of food, which is related to the child's development, so the parents can learn some ways to promote digestion. Many parents will choose to drink with hawthorn soaking, although there is a certain role, but for spleen For children, the bid is not true.

If it is, it is mainly based on Hawthorn, and it has a homogenous ingredients such as chickens, seabuckthics, orange peel, yam, Gaolang Jiang, Lai Zizi, honeysuckle and other medicinal food. Drink useful, the specific help is as follows:

Chicken Introduction, Seabuckthorn, Lai Zi: Helps to promote digestion, improve diet;

Orange peel, hawthorn: a very common orthoptics help digestive ingredients;

Yam, Gaolang Jiang: Spleen and stomach, children's spleen and stomach health, food is also reduced;

Honeysuckle: Reduce the stomach fire, heat and detoxify.

While improving the child's digestive ability, it also helps spleen and stomach, and the child has less food, and the development is natural.

1, control diet

Once you find that your child is eating, you have to control or diet, you only eat seven points, every meal, eat on time, don't just give your child a chaos, you should match reasonable.

2, more exercise

Take more children's outgoing exercise, which helps gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion, and improve their child's physical fitness to help spleen and stomach.

3, children's massage

Parents usually learn some children's techniques. After a meal, give children, it is also conducive to promoting children's digestion, but it is necessary to pay attention to not too big. If you can't hold it, you must find a professional person. help.

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