Please stop eating these four kinds of fish may contain "formaldehyde" and "heavy metal", suggest: everyone knows

With the continuous development of our lives, a variety of foods are also brought to our table. Each food is very nutritious, what kind of nutrition can be added, and more beneficial to our health.

Many people in life like to eat fish, and every fish can make a variety of patterns. Everything is not every kind of life is available for us. Let us know.

01 Please stop eating these four fish, may contain formaldehyde and heavy metals, suggest: transfer to family.

Wild fish

Many people in life like to sell wild fish. Although this fish has a high nutritional value, it is not recommended.

Wild fish, it lives in the sea, because our current industry is relatively developed, may discharge the wastewater into the sea, will pollute our fish to a certain extent, our fish will drink contaminated water for a long time, which will cause formaldehyde and heavy metals. Exceed the standard.

If we buy wild fish at home, we will eat formaldehyde and heavy metals in the body, which is harmful to our health.

Pungent fish.

There are people who sell fish everywhere in life. Some people captured many fish in the water. Some people buy fish in other places. No matter where you buy a fish, you must smell the pungent smell of the fish.

On the way to sell fish, many unscrupulous merchants may die because they don't sell fish for a long time. In this case where the wet high temperature is in this long term, it may cause the fish itself with pungent taste, indicating that the meat inside has begun. It is not recommended to eat this fish.

Marinated salted fish

There are salted fish of pickled fish everywhere everywhere, so pickled fish can be kept for a long time, but this fish is unhealthy.

Because this fish will add a large amount of salt during the pickling process, a substance called nitrite is produced, which is a carcinogen.

If you have a lot of such salty fish in life, it will reduce hemoglobin in our body, increase the risk of cancer, so I suggest you don't eat this fish.

Large fish

This kind of big fish is very common in our lives, but this fish is not healthy to our body, because this fish contains more heavy metals, people will leave this substance after eating, causing harm to the body.


What are the benefits of eating fish?

Can improve the memory of the human body.

Since ancient times, the elderly like to let the children eat more fish, because children eat fish more smart, because the fish is rich in DNA and lecithin. Eat more such substances can increase our supplement to our Memory to a certain extent and improve our memory. You said that you can eat more fish to help improve our memory.

Eating fish can also promote vision.

As our electronic products are constantly popular, many children have myopia. Every time I go to the hospital, I will recommend it to wear glasses and eat more fish in life, because this fish can relieve our myopia to a certain extent, which is very beneficial to our body.

Eating fish can supplement calcium.

People who have more learning in life need to add calcium every year to relieve osteoporosis to a certain extent. We can add calcium tablets.

We can also eat more fish in life, because fish rich in calcium, often eat this fish, can absorb the calcium in the body in time, and calcium is conducive to our body's absorption.

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