5 kinds of food is "insomnia to help", it is best to touch it before going to bed!But these are "sleeping hands", can't sleep well, you can eat more ~

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"Tone on the opposite side, the night is more difficult", I believe that many friends have experienced insomnia. Long-term insomnia will not only affect the skin state, reduce the value, but may also increase the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and even induce cancer.

There are many induces in insomnia, such as pressure, anxiety, sleep, poor sleep, and disease troubles, etc. will affect sleep. But everyone often ignores a factor - diet, may also steal your sleep in unclear.

Today, you can talk about food on sleep!


It is easy to "steal" 5 types of food sleep

1, coffee, strong tea

There are a lot of caffeine in coffee and strong tea, which inhibits adenosine neurotransmitters in the brain, and adenosine is one of the internal stability factors of sleep. That is, there are too many caffeines, which make the nervous system are excited, the brain is more likely to be awake, making people feel sleepy.

In addition, caffeine has a certain diuretic effect, plus coffee, it is necessary to take a lot of moisture when drinking tea, which is more likely to increase the number of night urinals, which affects sleep.

Note: In addition to tea, coffee, like chocolate, refreshing drink, milk tea, heat can be equipped with a lot of caffeine, it is recommended not to intake at 2 pm, especially for caffeine.

2, wine

Many people like a drink before going to bed, I feel that my brain is groggy, I can sleep better. actually not.

Although alcohol can help, the price is not good to continue - alcohol will make the brain in an abnormal activity, it is easy to cause a night to wake up several times, and it is also very short in deep sleep.

Moreover, alcohol will relax the muscles that support the mandibular, which may cause the respiratory tract to be blocked, there is no breathing, snoring, etc., which reduces sleep quality. Even if the sleep time is very long, the mental situation is bad after the next day.

3, high fat, high sugar food

Eat too much at night, or eat a lot of high-fat, high sugar food, will increase the work burden of gastrointestinal, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, so that the sterk is always working, which affects sleep quality.

According to an observation study at the University of Adelaide, it is shown that after-day factors such as chronic diseases, it is discovered that people who are used to high fat diet, 41% of people sleep during daytime, 47% have low night sleep quality, 54% Slemwattles with mild to moderate sleep.

In addition, there is also a study found that eating high-sugar food before going to bed is easier to do a nightmare. Experts guess, may be caused by more brain waves.

Smart practice is: Arrange the most rich meal in breakfast or lunch, eat less, light, and it is best to choose some low fat, high protein food, such as fish, chicken or lean meat. There is still a benefit of this kind of food, that is, it is not easy to get fat.

4, spicy food

Like pepper, garlic, onion, mustard, ginger, etc., is a spicy food, in fact, it is not recommended to eat too much at night.

Spicy food contains some irritating substances, such as capsaicin in pepper, will expand the human microvascular, resulting in red, fever, sweating, etc .; will also stimulate the mouth, throamer, generate pain, and feel The dry tongue is mixed, which is easy to cause sleep quality.

Not only that, the spicy food for dinner eats will cause the stomach to have a burning, and the burden of weight, will also affect sleep.

5, gas food

The stomach is not peaceful. Beans, sweet potatoes, Chinese cabbage, bread and other foods, it is easy to generate gas during digestion, and excessive food can also produce abdominal distension, people with bad stomach are also prone to anti-acid and other diseases!

If you eat the wrong food, you will be insomnia, but you can sleep, you may wish to eat some food in your daily.


Eat three kinds of food, you still sleep well overnight

1, bananas, supplementing the dimension B + magnesium, improve the problem

Magnesium and vitamin B6 are "excellent combinations" that alleviate pressure, and clinical studies have found that they can temporarily solve problems that are difficult to sleep.

Vitamin B6 is a substance that can help regulate the nervous system, can assist brain produce tryptophan and melatonin-tryptophan energy synthesis neurogency 5-hydrochlorine, so that the mood is calm, pleasant; melatonin can extend deep sleep time.

Magnesium elements can alleviate muscle tension and increase the gamma-aminobutyric acid in vivo to alleviate the nervousness. In this way, the human body will be more relaxed, more beneficial to sleep.

In the bananas, the content of these two substances is rich.

2, walnut, add melatonin, improve sleep quality

American research has found that walnuts can increase the melatonin secretion of human body by three times, which helps to improve sleep.

In addition, the walnut contains antioxidant vitamin E, which can resist free radicals in the antibody. When the free radicals in the human body will accelerate the oxidation reaction of the brain nerve, which affects the normal operation of the brain tissue and affects sleep.

In addition, the distracted wood in walnuts also has a great effect. It can suppress the central nervousness and play a certain sedative effect. The pressure is large, and the people who have more sleepy people can drink with walnuts.

3, peas, multiple nutrient sleep

The pea contains not only magnesium elements, but the content of vitamin C is also very rich, especially peas. Vitamin C can promote synthesis of neurotransmitters and improve sleep quality. Therefore, when the body lacks vitamin C, it may also cause poor sleep quality, insomnia, multi-dream, etc. The potassium element in the pea is also small, and the potassium element is 332 mg per bicycle. Potassium elements can maintain the excitement and self-discipline of human myocardium, keep the nervous system, can help relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Each 100 grams of peas, the highest calcium content is about 100 mg, which is a recommended food for daily calcium. One study in Japan has shown that sleep is regulated by calcium ion channels; and the US "Sleep Research" magazine publishes a study found that calcium deficiency will interfere with deep sleep and reduce sleep quality.

Finally, I still want to introduce you to a Chinese herbal medicine - sour jujube. As early as 1800 years ago, Xiao Zhanjing, the doctor, was treated with sour jujube. The sour jujube soup recorded in "Golden Chambers" can be used to treat ingredients, do not sleep, palpitations, and irritability.

If you match other materials, the sleeping effect is better ~

Ingredients: sour jujube, lily, lily; oyster heavy town is safe; 苓 Ningxin spleen; lotus seeds raised heart, benefit the kidney, spleen; big jujube health, 补 神; 小 气 气 气 气 气 气 中, 中Thirsty; chrysanthemum dispersion is hot, flat liver eyes; licorice spleen is allowed to gas, reconcile all kinds of medicines.

Will these materials through scientific compatibility, daily, 1 hour before going to bed, drink a cup of warm water, not only can truly reach Anshen, raise the heart, help your sleep effect, long-term service can also make up the body, strengthen the body .

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!