How do she quickly resume combat power when she wants "another time"?

If a woman doesn't like you, elegant flirt is also a vulgar

If a woman likes you, the vulgar flirt is elegant.

So, after the passion, how will she express my favorite?

Of course, I said that you said:

Come again ~

But many men are embarrassed at this time ...

Because they find that they have lived in BIU, it is difficult to stand up, and some people say that there is no time to happen again, so that it is very good for health.

So how can men recover quickly within a reasonable range?

Drink a cup of warm water

After the end, it will generally consume a lot of physical strength, and will make a lot of moisture, and it will feel thirst at this time. So suitable for a drink of honey water or light salt water to supplement physical strength.

The reason why chooses warm water, because the stomach intestines will be in the expansion and congestion, and warm water can relieve the tension of the gastrointestinal tract.

Shower 5 minutes

With warm water shower for five minutes, it can stimulate the newborn of cells, and the improvement of sexual ability is helpful.

Try not to take a bath, otherwise it is easy to infect other diseases.

Skin massage

This massage can be matched with each other, preferably in the skin to apply the right amount of moisturizing milk.

Because there are many nerves on the skin, the soft touch of the skin can be relieved fatigue, and they can allot the sexual desire to dig all sides.

♦ To stand your body, relax, try to use your hands to support the fixed object.

It is necessary to focus on the back muscle and the back neck, and always make the back or lumbar vertebrae feel that there is a stretching feel.

♦ You can also make the back straight, both hands straight, do the best possible to raise up, until the body can't lift it.

But one thing to pay attention to:

Can I "turn again", ultimately depend on your intuitive feelings, if you feel weak or discomfort, don't force your own hard, this is not a good thing for both parties.

Don't forget to emphasize many times before, women pay more attention to the quality. I want to satisfy the other party, I don't necessarily only need to use your Ding Ding ~

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