The new elderly standard has been released, not 70 years old, more than the standard, but don't accept old.

In modern society, everyone can not visually judge, everyone's actual age.

With the continuous development of age, many people have begun to pay attention to health, and many people will be maintained, so that they have achieved frost-growing growth, with temperament and appearance, such as mother and daughters, will be Think sisters.

In this case, people have gradually changing the standard cognition of the elderly. Many people have put forward such problems: How old is the old man? Let's take a look.

The new elderly standard has been released, not 70 years old, exceeding the standard, don't accept old.

In the previous era, people will exceed the 70-year-old, called longevity, so everyone's cognition, it is believed that more than 70 years old is considered an elderly.

Nowadays, social development is very fast, for age and life have certain cognitions, and the standard age of the elderly has also changed.

The World Health Organization has drawn new elderly standards based on the aging of all countries around the world:

Age is 18 ~ 40 years old is a young person

Age is 40 ~ 59 years old for middle-aged people

Age is 60 ~ 73 years old for the elderly

The age of 74 ~ 88 is older

The age is in 89 years old is longevity elderly

More than 60 years old, it can be called the elderly. Although it is called the elderly, the body is more strong, the age is just a number, but it is not possible to determine the degree of age, can rely on age to determine the health of the body, need to combine the mentality and body Multiple aspects of organs are judged, whether a person is in a healthy state.

If you want a healthy and longevity, you may wish to develop a few good habits.

1, positive and optimistic mentality

Many elderly people feel very empty after retirement, so that they have a relatively depressed state, there may be many people don't know, emotions have a very big impact on human health. If they are in depression, they will make the body will appear. Some diseases threaten the health of the body.

Therefore, the elderly can train some interesting hobbies after retirement, so that your life is more fulfilling, maintaining a happy mood every day, can make your body in a healthy state, stay away from the disease.

2, the work must be regular

If you regularly, it is very unhealthy habits, even day and night, it will accelerate the aging of the body, and often affect the endocrine, and the endocrine disorder will affect the health of each organ.

If you want to delay your age, you have to get better early, guarantee enough sleep time, good habits need time, so you have to give yourself a good time to develop a good job habit.

3, moderate exercise

The movement is the key to promoting physiological cells. In the process of exercise, the new metabolism of the body and the secretion of hormone activation, repair the body damaged cells, regenerate fresh cell viability, and better bring a continuous source of the body, maintaining the constant energy. The physiological balance of the entire body.

Following the people of different ages to develop different motion methods, combined with their physical condition to select the measurement of the movement, healthy slow walking ability is the most healthy exercise in middle-aged and elderly people, slowly walk, bring to the human body Nutrition is more close.

Long-term adherence to your favorite sports will make the flexibility of the body and the great improvement of synergies, thus a certain promotion of the health of the body.

4, less smoking and drinking

Studies have shown that smoking is high risk factors that lead to diseases such as pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and smoking will affect food digestion and absorption.

Long-term drinking is also a factor affecting longevity. It will cause great damage to the body, and will also increase the burden of the liver, leading to diseases such as fatty liver and cirrhosis, so you want to have less smoking less.

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