"One-level carcinogen" list is coming, I don't know if you like to eat?Learn

Old words often say "people are good as the sky", with the improvement of living standards, people no longer meet can eat, now they are good, and the body keeps a health.

With the improvement of the overall living standards, it has also added a lot of health hazards. .

There are many factors that lead to cancer, in which bad diet is also the high cause of cancer, as the saying goes, "sick from mouth into", often consumed that carcinogenic food will increase the chance of cancer.

The list of "first-class carcinogens" is coming, I don't know if you have you love it?

★ Yellow belaxin:

Huangquys has been listed as a first-class carcinogen by WHO in 1993. There is a broad range of yellowlaxin, and there is existence in grains and animal foods. If you eat food, there is also a food of xilexin, Food poisoning can be caused by absorbing decomposition, induce disease.

According to the relevant data, the metabolites produced by the xulamen toxin have a strong carcinogenicity and genetic mutation. Its toxicity is about 70 times that of the mixture of 2 hydrogen 2 alcohol, is one of the most intense molded molds. .

The yellowlaxin generally exists in millet, corn, peanuts, soybeans, nut fruit and other foods. Once such food is found, please discard it immediately to avoid adverse effects on the body.

According to the study, once the yellowlaxin of more than 20 grams of yellow bellus, it will bring irreversible damage, not only damage to the vitality of the cells, but also lower liver function induced liver failure.

◆ Benzopyrene

Phenyrene will be decomposed in coal or tar, but with the continuous development of the times, cigarettes, tar, asphalt have its figure, and has strong carcinogenicity.

It is more difficult to dissolve in water compared to ethanol benzopyne, and if the intake will increase the risk of carcinogenicity, especially lung cancer, try not to ignore.

Now the most common food flavor barbecue and smoked meat foods in life, if the sound operation causes the food in the production process, a large amount of benzopyrene will produce a large number of benzopyrene, so everyone is the most Eat a little roast food or smoked meat.

● Nitrite substance

The World Health Organization has used nitrite as one of a carcinogen list, and nitrite and nitrate collections cause carcinogens.

When infected with nitrite acute poisoning, such bacteria will latency in the human body for 1 to 3 hours, which will cause the cells to have purple phenomena because of hypoxia, such as common lips, purple, finger hair, Severe people have a whole body green or shock.

Marinated pickles, barbecue, tofu, bacon, etc., there is nitrite, although there is a toned effect, but nitrite will form a carcinogen-nitromine after digestion, for health care, try to Eat less.

The following foods, WHO calls for stopping, read, please do your parents

Rotten fruit

Although the fruit is nutritional value, but the molded fruit contains a variety of ingredients harmful to the human body, including yellow bells toxin, for healthy considerations, the molded fruit should be discarded.

Overfitted fungus

Long-term foam haired fungus will produce toxins-coconut pseudocettocellops, which also produces toxin mesenteric acid. If it is accidentally eating, it may hurt the kidneys and liver, and even permanent damage, resulting in memory Hepatic poisoning, induced liver failure.

Pickled small pickle

The pickles will add a large amount of salt during the pickling process. It is very likely to produce nitrite. After the study, it has been found that long-term intake of nitrite will increase the risk of liver cancer. For health care, try to eat pickles.

Knowledge expansion: How should I effectively prevent cancer?

▲ Improve your physical fitness

To prevent cancer first improve physical fitness, enhance resistance and immunity, so that the body has strong ability to resist the intrusion of external bacterial viruses.

Balanced nutrients

Adhere to the combination of vegetarian, reasonably intake nutrition, maintain light eating habits, so that the body can take adequate nutrients, more beneficial to body cell vitality.

Light food habits can reduce fat content in body, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, normal blood circulation, stronger body metabolism, and physical fitness will gradually become better.

Strengthen sports

Regardless of the good habits of men and women, they have a good habit of developing sports. In the motion process, they can maintain a pleasant state in the exercise process, which also helps digestion, reduce the decomposition burden of each organ.

★ Adhere to good habits

Get up early, it is best not to stay up late, let the body and organizations get a full rest, sleep enough for 8 hours a day, can improve the cell regeneration capacity and repair capabilities in the body, improve the body detoxification speed, maintain the health status.

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