It is clear that the mouth is can't fall?The problem may be here

Many seniors find diabetes or blood sugar abnormally, the problem is "I don't dare to eat" "I can't eat" "I don't know how to eat" ... I can't fall?

Chinese elderly diabetes prevention guide release:

Many people have a mistake!

On January 16th, the Elderly Endocrin Metabolic Branch of the Chinese Elderly Medical Society, the Elderly Elderly Elderly Elderly and Metabolic Branch and other units issued the "Clinical Guide of China 's Elderly 2 Diabetes Prevention and Treatment". Guide suggests that in addition to the blood sugar-loaded blood glucose screening after the sugar load is increased in the health of the sugar load. At the same time, the guide also gives three important guidance: 1

1. Diet: Choose a low-liter blood sugar index to increase vegetables and quality proteins

Nutrition is mainly based on carbohydrates (50% ~ 55%), and it is necessary to select food with high energy density and rich dietary fiber, low blood glucose index, increase vegetables and appropriate proportion of low-sugar fruit; protein intake is recommended for each kilogram Weight weight 1.0 ~ 1.5 grams, mainly high quality protein, can improve insulin resistance, reduce age-related muscle reduction, etc .;

2. Habits: Change the sequence of past, first drink soup to eat vegetables and then take the staple food

Change the eating habits, first soup, the staple food, which is beneficial to reduce blood sugar fluctuations after meals.

3. Sports: Appropriate activities after three meals a day, which is beneficial to relieve high blood sugar after meals

Older diabetes patients without endless, it is recommended that the right amount of close activities after three meals are beneficial to relieve high blood sugar after meals. At the same time, elderly diabetes patients can choose personalized, easy to conduct and persist, with a muscles and limb movement and exercise time, exercise 30 to 45 minutes a day.

What to eat in the first mouth, the difference is so big!

What do you eat in the first port when you eat? Eat vegetables, eat meat, and eat?

In 2020, Singapore researchers did the theme study of "What to eat for blood glucose", and published the results in "Clinical Nutrition". The researchers have compared which food to eat in the first mouth - vegetables, meat, staple food, or mixed, impact on our body blood sugar, insulin, satiety. 2

Researchers, randomly arranged participation in experiments with 5 ways to eat. However, the meals and heat are exactly the same: 63.2g rice cooked rice, 100g goes to peg, 180g cabbage.

The first kind of meal: eat vegetables first, eat meat and rice after 10 minutes;

The second kind of meal method: eat meat first, eat vegetables and rice after 10 minutes;

Third kind of meal: Press vegetables, meat, meal, 10 minutes from each other;

The fourth kind of meal: vegetables, meat, rice mixed together;

The fifth kind of meal: eat first, eat vegetables and meat after 10 minutes.

The results of the test show: the difference is very big!

1. After the meal, blood sugar: The first kind of "eat the food first", the second "eat meat first" or the third kind of "vegetables - meat - rice" is 10 minutes to eat, can significantly affect the blood sugar, reduce meals The highest blood sugar is high, avoiding blood sugar. After the meal, the blood sugar fluctuation fluctuated, there is no suspense, is the fifth kind of meal mode "eat the staple food" to eat; and the fourth kind of meal, vegetables, meat, rice together, is more compliant with us usually eat habits Eating, blood glucose reaction is second high after meal.

2. Insulin changes: The third kind of meal "Vegetables - meat - meals" is done within 10 minutes of order, and the insulin peak is the lowest, and the fluctuation is minimum. The first kind of meal, first eat vegetables, eat meat and rice after 10 minutes, this set of peaks is relatively low. And eat meat and first eat these two groups, the peak is relatively high. It seems that you can first eat vegetables to improve insulin sensitivity.

3. Separate: The third kind of meal "Vegetable - meat - meal" sequential food, 10 minutes from each other, more satiety. GLP-1 (glucagon-1), this hormone is a recognized "full range of factors", which can delay the stomach emptying, reduce bowel movement, facilitate weight loss, and blood sugar. The third kind of meal is done in the order of "Vegetables - Meat - Rice", 10 minutes from each other. Compared to other meals, more exciting more GLP-1 release, in other words, it is more satiety.

4. Blood glucose stability: 2 kinds of food (first and third kinds of meals) that eat vegetables (first and third meals) are more conducive to blood glucose stability than other three kinds of food. Enterorous peptide GIP, also known glucose-dependent promoting insulin-like peptide, also inhibits gastric acid secretion, gastrointestinal or gastric emptying, can promote insulin release after meal, which is conducive to blood glucose stability. Eat vegetables first, GIP is slow, indicating that this eating is very effective in delaying the stomach emptying.

Summarize: Vegetables - protein meat - the order of eating food, the effect of blood sugar after the meal is indeed the best; if you can't accept the practice of eating a staple food, then eat vegetables, then eat a meat, eat, also good enough.

Health Times Cao Zihao

Doctor reminds:

The first mouth is eaten, it is good for blood sugar blood lipids!

It turns out that the food to eat first, there is a big relationship with their blood sugar after their meal.

Professor Guo Lixin, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing, said in a TV program in 2019. For diabetic patients, the order of eating is particularly important. What to eat, what to eat, blood glucose after meal is particularly large. Therefore, by reasonable diet methods and sequence, the blood sugar after elevated meal will fall back. And this method can not only control blood sugar, which is beneficial to blood lipids, blood pressure, and weight. We have a meal, what do you eat first? Many people will eat the vegetables together with rice, but diabetic patients eat this, blood glucose is particularly easy to rise.

Therefore, control blood sugar, do not change the drug, do not change the tricks, the carbohydrate must be finally eaten.

Obviously, it is obvious that the blood compound will be eaten first. After the meal, the blood sugar will rise suddenly; although the blood glucose is slightly reduced, it is still very high; however, if the carbohydrate, the blood sugar increase is relatively smooth, and the highest Value is also relatively ideal.

So experts give, diabetic patients and the most suitable dietary sequence of diet: first drink soup, so that the stomach is in a full state, it is easy to have a feeling. Follow the eating vegetables, eat meat, and finally eat staple.

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