Men after 45 years old, uric acid is easy to "exceed the standard"?I have to remember: I will quit, I will avoid the two things, adhere to three times.

High uric acid, known as the "fourth highest" is the cause gout culprit.

Once a gout attack, people in pain, related survey found that gout is a "patriarchal" guy, gout in male to female ratio of 20: 1.

Why, gout "patriarchal"?

On the one hand, and estrogen.

Women, estrogen relatively strong, to increase the dissolution of uric acid, promoting excretion of uric acid, reduced urate crystals in vivo strong male body androgen, estrogen little;

On the other hand, with bad habits.

Most men like to eat hot pot to drink, and like to eat high-purine protein foods, so that uric acid increased, decreased excretion, and induce gout.

After the 45-year-old male, uric easy "excessive"?

Although gout can occur at any age, but according to the survey found that about 40 to 50 year-old male high incidence of gout is a disease, so men around 45 years old, you should pay particular attention to the maintenance of the body.

To remember: quit the issue, avoid two things, adhere to the three learning

Caution regarding

For gout population must pay particular attention to avoid sedentary, because for a long time sedentary, more likely to lead to more and more body fat, body fat is the culprit of many chronic diseases.

Long sedentary lack of exercise can lead to high-purine substances accumulate in the body, can not be properly discharged, and did not consume, the rising uric acid-induced acute gout.

We have now entered the cold winter, a lot of people do not like sports, but in the long lying on the couch playing with the phone will lead to fat build more likely to increase the risk of gout and other diseases.

Related studies have shown that obesity suppresses the secretion of insulin, the discharge limit purine, is not conducive to uric acid metabolism, gout, overweight, obesity also increases the risk of complications of gout, gout so must pay attention to weight control, not too fat.

Avoid two things

1, lamb hot pot

Has now entered the cold winter, lamb hot pot seems to be popular, but high uric acid in people who want to prevent the emergence of gout, sure to stay away, do not be greedy.

On the one hand lamb are high-purine foods, difficult to digest, heat is relatively high, hot pot soup in hand, can cause serious excessive purine, want to prevent gout, be sure to stay away from lamb hot pot.

2, various types of wine to drink

Cold winter, many people will choose to drink warm the body, alcohol is uric acid catalyst, will not only lead to elevated levels of uric acid in the body, may also hinder the excretion of uric acid.

Often drink easily lead to acute gout attack, whether beer, wine or liquor of any alcoholic beverages, you quickly blacklisted, not willful.

Adhere to the three learning

Timely urination, not holding back urine

Gout must be timely urination, not holding back urine, because two-thirds of uric acid in the human body, is the result of the urine excreted by the kidneys.

Over time, uric acid precipitates in the form of urate deposition induced renal lesions in the kidneys, increase the risk of chronic renal failure, so men must be careful not to hold back.

Early hours, do not stay up late

No matter how high uric acid, gout crowd Do not stay up late, stay up late for a long time can cause endocrine disorders, substance purine metabolic disorders caused by the body, eventually leading to the excretion of uric acid can not be normal.

11 pm before entering deep sleep state to ensure 7 to 8 hours of rest, but also help accelerate the excretion of uric acid, reducing the burden on the kidneys, the body is getting better and better.

Drink "drop acid tea"

Water is the best body "detoxification agent", drink plenty of water will help to accelerate the discharge of harmful substances, in winter a lot of people like to drink hot tea, warm the body, you can always drink a little drop acid tea.

With a small plant, chicory root, gardenia, Ge Gan, dandelion root, lily, mulberry leaf, Poria, mix together, soaked behalf of the tea can lower uric acid and reduce gout attacks.

Chicory root, have a good effect of lowering uric acid can reduce the number of attacks of gout.

Pueraria, gouty arthritis alleviate joint swelling, inflammation can inhibit the cellular level, uric acid and having a repair spleen, kidney effect;

Lily, having good diuretic effect, containing colchicine, uric acid can;

Gardenia, rich geniposide by uricosuric, reducing serum uric acid level of hyperuricemia;

Mulberry, dandelion root, Poria have diuretic, swelling, detoxification effect to improve the immunity.

If they match troublesome, you can choose a prepared tea bags real materials. , Scientific ratio, often stays up late or alcoholism, soak a cup a day "drop acid tea" to help speed up the body of toxins garbage discharge, reducing the chance of gout attack.

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