There may be "formaldehyde" in 6 kinds of vegetables, and the washing is not easy, don't buy it again.

Nowadays, there are more and more people with various chronic diseases, and the incidence of cancer is constantly improving, mainly with diet and living habits have a certain relationship.

The invasion of the body has long been harmful to harmful substances to increase the probability of disease, and the disease is deteriorating, which will cause cancer. Formaldehyde is a first-class carcinogen, which is very common in life.

Just installed the house, it is necessary to take a while to move in, because there is a lot of formaldehyde, in fact, there is formaldehyde in our daily food, and food containing formaldehyde has caused great harm to the body.

There may be "formaldehyde" in 6 kinds of vegetables, and the washing is not easy, don't buy it again.

Sack of golden mushroom

The mushrooms belong to the mushroom food, which contains vitamin C and vitamin E. It often provides energy to provide energy to the body, promoting gastric peristalsis, helping digestion, reducing the burden on the body.

But because the storage time of the gold mushroom is relatively short, it will be molded with molds after a few days, so many merchants will put the mushroom in formaldehyde water in order to extend the shelf life of the golden mushroom, and achieve the effect of preservation and anti-corrosion.

So, for the bagged gold mushroom, if you smell a unpleasant taste after opening, it may be soaked by formaldehyde water, and the washing is not easy to wash away, so don't buy it if you are healthy.

Doll food

The baby dish eats simply, and has been loved by many people. For doll vegetables for storage time, the outer leaves will slowly shrink, so many merchants will spray formaldehyde on their surface in order to extend the shelf life of doll dishes.

After spraying formaldehyde, it is possible to improve the freshness of the doll vegetables, prevent the problem of water shortage, but there is more formaldehyde, for the health of the body, it is best not to buy it home.

Female cabbage

Cabbage is a kind of vegetables we often eat, especially when they go to winter, is one of the necessary vegetables on the table, because winter temperatures are relatively low, cabbage leaves are easily frozen.

Many merchants will spray formaldehyde on the leaves in order to avoid caucasia's selling phase, so that the cabbage leaves remain good, but may ignore the roots, if the roots of cabbage are found, but the leaves are intact, where they are May contain formaldehyde.

Non-rooted bean sprout

The bean sprouts sold in the market are mainly divided into two kinds. One is a rooted bean sprout, one is a rooted gear sprout, because there is no rooted bean sprouts to eat more convenient, and more taste is better, and many people are welcomed.

In order to extend the shelf life of the bean sprouts, some merchants will put the bean sprouts into formaldehyde for soaking. The bean sprouts that are soaked in formaldehyde are non-rooted bean sprouts. They often affect the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, so for health, try to eat less.

Water happiness

There is also a black fungus, and the substance of polysaccharide has the function of anticoagulant, so many health people like to eat fungus, and the dried fungus we purchased needs to be able to eat.

In the market we will also see the water fungus that is sealed with plastic wrap, these funguses look good, but formaldehyde may be added therein.

The storage time of the water fungus is relatively short. If you don't sell it in a short time, you will have a rotten situation, so many merchants will add formaldehyde to prevent corrosion in order to reduce losses.

Color abnormal white tofu

Tofu belongs to the soy products, the nutritional value is very high, we will find that tofu is very selective, there is a tender tofu, old tofu, and you can choose it according to your own taste.

However, there are some colors of tofu, which may be made. For these colors, there may be formaldehyde, so I don't want to buy it in the health of your health, and there will be some pungent tastes in addition to color.

Formaldehyde likes to hide these 6 kinds of vegetables, buy home to wash and not clean it, so don't buy it home, you should pay more attention to it, learn to distinguish, try to buy a vegetable containing formaldehyde. .

In the body, the phenomenon of poisoning will occur, such as nasal throat, chronic bronchitis, cough, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., or even leukemia.

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